The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
Seventy-ninth Message

The Messenger of the Lord, the Elias, appeared to me Wednesday, August 21st, 1963 at my home, 1500 West Lexington
Street, Independence, Missouri. The light of the Lord was with him and filled the room. He bid me arise. He appeared at 4:
05 a.m. and left at 4:50 a.m.

1 “Behold! Arise and write the words I will give you for the servants of the Lord and the Church.

2 I am your fellow servant. I am the Elias which was for to come. I am the forerunner of the Christ which is to
return to claim his bride—the Church.

3 Let her make ready and be prepared, for lo, this is my work to work in the vineyard with the people of the Lord.

4 The Lord accepts the work of the faithful and those that love truth.

5 Behold! How great and good it is to defend the words I bring. Let them be preserved, and prepared accurately
as I give them to you, as you have done in the past.

6 Let all trim their lamps and fill their souls with the Spirit of God that their works may stand the test.

7 Trials will come and burdens heavy, but the Lord is your yoke and peace and it shall flow like a river of light
and life.

8 Let peace be restored to the weary, but let them obey and defend my message—the words I bring from the
Lord’s presence.

9 Let all that can be in the field.

10 Let Howard Leighton-Floyd be in the field of work as the Lord by his Spirit will direct.

11 Let E. Sykes be in the work in foreign fields. The Lord will prepare the way before him. As much as possible
let the companions go also.

12 Let Albert Leighton-Floyd know the Lord will use him and the way will open for greater works in taking the
gospel to many.

13 Let R. G. Newby be in the field as much as possible and aid the brethren in establishing the work

14 Send help to North Carolina for the field is white unto harvest.

15 Let the translations continue. Let the word go out fast and far. The way grows in need. Hasten!

16 Let Warren Foskett study the Spanish that he may go to many to aid in the work.

17 Save to the uttermost.

18 Let Newell Mead know the Lord knows his faith and restores the eldership unto him in light and power of
the Lord.

19 Let Kenneth Swanson be set apart an elder and the peace and power will come to him to defend my words
and teach salvation unto others. He may help steer aright others and bring them to defend this cause.

20 Build a house unto the Lord as the way opens and many will flow unto it in this cause.

21 Command peace and it will come to you one and all.

22 ‘Behold! Hearken! Would my people hear, saith the Lord, if I speak in peace and power? Will they fill their
vessels with oil? The cup of the Lord runneth over.

23 Establish the work with a firm hand. Let not the holy rites be trampled on. Let all who come to this great light
come in by the door and lift their faith to me, saith the Lord, for I will be with you all the way.’

24 Let Floyd Ford know the Lord has put on him to carry the word to those near and around about; for there are
those that seek truth and will hear and obey. Hasten! Be up and doing.

25 Give this to the brethren and the Church. Publish it and peace will follow.

26 Be calm, be firm and let all know the Lord sees their faith and knows their hearts are filled with love.

27 Peace I leave with all that believe and obey and defend this cause—the words I bring. Amen.”

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