The Church of Christ with The Elijah Message
              Just What We Have to Offer (Continued)

Message 51:2, “I come that the plan of God will be fulfilled, for the words the prophets of old have spoken shall
come to pass. Let this message be sent to the ends of the earth, and the gospel preached, for the Lord will
reveal to the honest in heart of His truth and of my coming that the work may be ESTABLISHED.”
51:18, “The words I speak are for the Church.” Message 52:6, “Sanctify the congregations in My sight,”  saith
your Lord. “Great responsibility is given unto you men; fail not, lest the judgment be bitter unto you and the
people be left in darkness.” 52.24, “The  Church  Of  Christ  shall  never  again  be  destroyed,  but  the pruning
shall come and the true branches survive and bring forth much fruit.” Message 53:9, “. . . The gates (baptism by
authority) have been opened that deliverance will come to all who will heed and obey.”
53:11, “Those that prepare for it shall have the gift to cast out devils, and to proclaim the mysteries of the
Kingdom; for this is the Authority of the SON OF GOD.” 53:16, “There are those that defend this cause. Greater
light and understanding shall be given them, for I bring peace of the Lord.”

Let us see what is conferred on those who submit to that baptism after the 12th Message, in obedience to its

1. That they may rid themselves of the sins and traditions of men.
2. Preparing themselves that they may be fit and worthy for the Spirit and power of the Holy Ghost.
3. And as the greater power shall come, that they may be ready to receive it with joy.
4. Full Church establishment under the Lord's direction and commands.


Had the Temple Lot any sins and traditions of men? Let the vision of the first woman in Message 2  answer:
pale, worn, bleeding, and with torn clothes. Upon this woman's head he saw no crown. The Lord continues the
subject of baptism and its results: “This must come to all that shall be  permitted  to dwell in the presence of
Christ, for sin cannot receive the glory of God, nor the power of the Holy Spirit.” “Therefore, see that all things
are done after the pattern I will give you, (The Church Of Christ) that in all things you may please the Lord your
God.” Msg.12:8.

Much opposition to the 12th Message and re-baptism arose in the Church, then Message 14 was  given: “As
the people of the Lord who have a desire to cleanse themselves of the traditions of men shall come to the
Lord's servants, baptize them.” What could Otto Fetting do but carry on? If the people of the Lord had not
needed baptism the Lord would not have given  these instructions. The objection made to the Message was:
“Why do we need baptism again when we have been baptized?” In Message 18:5 we read: “Preach repentance
and faith, for all must have faith in God and His work. All must repent and be baptized for the remission of sin,
and hands must be laid upon all that the Spirit of  God  might come to the children of men in greater power.”
The reason given in the 12th Message for the new baptism is that all may be ready and fit to receive the greater
power with joy when it comes, and be worthy subjects for that greater light and the full establishment of  the
divinely ordered kingdom.

The priesthood was still with the Restoration but the ministry were not allowed to occupy until they were called
and set apart again after baptism in the Church established anew in 1929. There is a statement in the 23rd
Message, the situation was this: In Wales Brethren T. R. Jenkins and David Jenkins on receiving the 12th
Message saw that another baptism was  necessary, and they baptized each other. They were both Elders in
the Temple Lot and thought they had authority and power to baptize according to the 12th Message.  However,
the word says in the 23rd Msg. “Let Thomas B. Nerren prepare to take the message the Lord has sent to you,
and the authority the Lord has sent with the message to England... Let him go to Wales and baptize Thomas R.
Jenkins, and set him apart as an elder in The Church Of Christ that he may take the gospel to others in his
land, and the Church be started in that place.” They already had all the authority that was on the Temple Lot
from 1926- 1929, for Samuel Wood, an apostle called in 1926 had twice been there, but God had said in Msg.
20:8, “Let the hands be laid upon those that I have told you, that the light and power of God may come to them.”
This was an additional blessing given in 1929, which Wales still lacked. Thos. R. Jenkins had been baptized
by an elder of the Temple Lot after the 12th Message came, but God said T. B. Nerren was to take “the authority
the Lord has sent with the message”  and baptize that man again. Even though his first baptism was after the
12th Message it was not by one that had complied with the command in obedience to the greater blessing
following the laying on of the angel's hands on the head of Otto Fetting.

What does it all mean? It means that there was something conferred through the hands of the angel on  Otto
Fetting which both the priesthood and the laity lacked up to that time. In this case He calls it “authority” and it
was needful that T. R. Jenkins be baptized under it to start The Church Of Christ in that land. What was that
authority which T. B. Nerren carried to England which Samuel Wood could not and did not take? An authority
which came with the message. It must have been the authority to open the door to the greater power  which
they who obeyed this baptism were being prepared to receive. The second appearance of the woman (The
Church) in the 2nd Message represents THE CHURCH  OF CHRIST established ANEW in 1929. The men
called in 1926 were called to represent that church which He was about to establish anew, but Otto Fetting
alone obeyed and endured. It was this woman that wore the crown of 12 stars. The Twelve on the Temple Lot
could have been that crown but they never attained to it.


The Church Of Christ established anew in 1929 has the following earmarks:

1.  Apostles were called in 1926 with authority the same as the apostles of old. They were called as the  
apostles of old were called, before the Church was really established. Jesus said to His Twelve in Matthew 16,
“I will build My church.” Therefore, the Twelve were called and ordained by Jesus before He built His Church.
So it has been in our day. Called in 1926; the Church established anew in 1929.  

2. The setting apart of a man by one sent from heaven to restore the Holy priesthood in 1829. The same
means was used to establish the church anew in 1929.

3.  A general command that all should be baptized came with the message in which that man was set apart
under the hands of the angel.

4. All were commanded to be baptized, that this greater light might be relayed to them. It was to be received
with joy by the obedient who were fit and worthy.

5. The way was opened for the greater power to come to priesthood and laity by the authority and power that
came with the laying on of the angel's hands and the message to Otto Fetting.

6. That authority was not the authority of the priesthood but the authority to open the door to the people  that they
might receive the greater power. It was, however, a part of priestly rights. “The greater power of the priesthood
has been withheld.” Msg. 12:8.

7. Thus: THE CHURCH OF CHRIST was established in 1929 anew by Elias, the one mighty and  strong, sent
from God, who laid his hands on Otto Fetting that greater light and greater power might come to him, and set
him apart for his work. Elias also renewed the ordinance of baptism, making it possible that all who receive it
may be purified and prepared to receive the greater power.

8. The gifts and blessings that were in the primitive Church are enjoyed today in the Church established anew.

If God be for us, who can be against us? The work rolls on and people are being delivered from the bondage of
sin. This is the light, life and the way that leadeth to eternity with God. Message 30:6, “I have established My
Church in 1929 anew. I have given the message and it must be obeyed. All else is of man and I cannot and will
not accept the follies and traditions of men for My work is a holy work and man must first be made holy.”'
Message 52:1, “Awake! Behold I come again. Yea, those that are faithful unto the instructions I bring shall no
more be confounded.”