We began our missionary journey on February 1, 2010 of our Lord. I departed Grand Junction, Colorado at 6:10 am and flew to Denver, then Chicago, and finally onto Frankfurt,Germany;  arriving at 5:20 am on the 2nd of February.

It was snowing and the airfield was covered with about 5 inches of new snow. Decending through the clouds in the early morning, still dark, it was indeed a beautiful sight to behold!

My Brother’s Larry flight was delayed from Boston and he arrived about two hours later. After gathering my bags, I went to the location where Larry would arrive.  Not long after Disciple Robert Beck joined me and we shared warm greetings and our joy to labor once again in the Lord. My heart was filled with Joy to set my eyes once again upon this fine brother. We shared in many things and  spoke of what we would do here in Germany.  Larry’s flight arrived and we welcomed him to Germany.

Once again the three of us are to labor for our Lord here in Germany and in Africa.  Having gathered our belongings we loaded them in a rented car and began our journey to Bad Harzburg , Germany and to some of God’s precious souls who awaited us there. During our journey along the snow covered roads and through a heavy snow storm, my mind retraced the times I had previously come this way and the sights and feelings and experiences I had been blessed with previously. I remembered clearly the first time I had met Robert Beck and presented him the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and now I amazed at his growth and maturity in the Lord and the Word of the Lord. I shall always thank God for His Mercy and His guidance to meet and Disciple this fine Brother. I also thought upon my family back in Colorado and understood well how much I shall miss them and ache inside for them. It is truly a blessing to have a wife such as Arlene, who supports and prays for me as I travel for the Lord. It is not an easy thing to be apart, yet I do trust God will protect and bless her in my absence.  It is truly good to know those whom you love, support and pray for you everyday.

Arriving in Bad Harzburg, we were greeted by Sister Barbel and Brother Ulf. They had arranged a good place to stay during our time in that part of Germany.  We were able to have several studies there together in the Word of the Lord and share in the Gospel of Christ and the Love of Christ. We also were able to travel to Lieberburg and  have the Lord’s Supper with Sister Nancy, Sister Barbel, and Brother Ulf.  Sister Nancy is the daughter of Ulf and Barbel. We then, the next day traveled  to Helmstedt aan met with  Disciple Manfred Marks and his mother . So many precious memories flooded my heart and soul visiting with Manfred. This wonderful Brother has been and continues to be a strong blessing utno all who  know him and have the good pleasure of meeting him. I feel such joy that Ulf, Barbel, Manfred  and Nancey all live within  the area of Bad Harzburg and are able to meet together and share in the Word of God.  These are part of our Brothers and sisters whom carry the Gospel to the needful in Germany.  Disciple Beck and Disciple Manfred Marks are truly faithful Brothers in the Lord and men of substance and good character. God has provided  stable leadership in these fine men. Ulf Potzschke  who is married to Sister Barbel  is a man the Lord will use as His Disciple in the future here in Germany. Ulf   has been blessed with a quick mind and a willing Spirit and a loving heart for the Lord. I thank God for him and all that labor in Germany.

We traveled from Bad Harzburg , Germany to Eindhoven, Netherlands. Disciple Robert Beck drove us along the snow covered highways and provided us with a wonderful Spirit of God; filled with peace and joy. Robert Beck has a seemingly unending amount of energy and joyfulness in the Lord. It is always a pleasure to labor with him and we look forward to bringing him with us to Africa.

We arrived in Eindoven on the evening of February 6, 2010; to be welcomed by Frank and Jane Mulders. I had not set eyes upon this wonderful couple since 2002 and my heart was filled with joy and thanksgiving for preserving them through these years. They made us feel very much at home, taking us out to dinner and fellowshipping late into the night. Only God’s love can make such a family so friendly and open to share in the love of God.

The next morning Brother Larry led in a beautiful study of God’s Word contained in third Nephi, chapter 18. The Lord’s Spirit was in abundance and all present were filled with the peace of God which comes in such a study. It is a joy to be laboring with Larry again and to once again be in the home of Frank and Jane.

We departed their home on the 7th for our journey back to the home of Robert Beck and as we drove back to Germany from the Netherlands, each of us traveled in our own thoughts and the knowledge of   the journey awaiting us into Kenya.  We arrived in Burladingen and Robert took us to dinner in an Italian resteraunt before we were to retire and rest that night.  The next two days were spent preparing Robert for his journey to Africa and visiting some of the precious souls he has been laboring among. Larry and I also did our laundry and repacked our own things for the coming journey. We also contacted our families and Brothers and Sisters in America and told them of what had transpired  thus far in our Journey.  In the morning at 2am of the 10th of February we shall drive to Frankfurt for our flight to Switzerland and then on to Kenya. On the night of the 10th at 7pm we shall arrive in Africa and began the work in that part of the Lord’s Vineyard.  Thus I close this part of our report to each of you who continue to pray for us and support the efforts we strive to accomplish for the Lord and His Church. I truly pray each of you may have an understanding of what we are doing for our Lord and as representatives of each of you. God Bless you and fill you with Joy in these reports. May His Peace and Blessings be upon all and may these reports magnify His Holy Name: Jesus The Christ.


  1. Chris Laws says:

    It is great to hear that the Lord has blessed in so many ways. I can’t wait to hear more about your trip.

  2. tlawwife says:

    We are overjoyed to read of your travels. You are and continue to be in our prayers.

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