Message 69:9

“This is a holy work and mankind must come humbly before the Lord. Let repentance and baptism be the answer in action by each one coming into this work. Let the hands be laid on all that the Spirit might come to them in great power and deliverance in time of trials. Let great faith rule in love. Let peace be in each heart and soul, in your homes, and avoid contentions. Trust not in traditions of men, nor the ways of man, nor flesh. They will not save you.”

When we are looking for the truth that Jesus teaches us in the bible, it is important to get to basics and find it ourselves.  We need to know what we believe is true because God told us through the sprite, not our friends or family.  Each one of us has our own salvation to worry about, and only we can attain it. To be able to join God’s church, there has to be a path that has been set forth to follow.  That path is repentance, baptism, and laying on of hands.  This path has not changed for 2000+ years.  Lets not get caught up in the tradition that men have added over time, God does not change.

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