God Bless you my Brothers and Keep you now and  always,greetings in the LOrd Jesus Christ.  I just wanted to thank you for your prayers and your love and your support. and give you some short news which will expand during our seminar in Kitale next week.
I send this from Mbale Uganda. We have baptized in Uganda about 20 souls and tomarrow we should baptize two entire Churches or about 50 Members. We have ordained about 8 or 10 Elders in Uganda since here and one Disciple in Kenya. Also Robert Gizamba in Mbale has been ordained from vice bishop to Disciple.  The Lord is working well and we praise his Holy Name.
We preached and taught on the slopes of Mt Elgon and God brought four churches together and two were not ours–they are now!!!  Robert Beck got malaria but is doing better now and we are working some very long hours and walking in some really hot places.
God also provided us a man to translate the entire message book into Rwanda language, which will open doors into the Congo and Rwanda and 10 million souls. The man is college educated and has written two books published –one in english and the other in his language.
He will be at the seminar in Kitale we are teaching from March 16-21st. Probably we will baptize him there if he is willing. He was very much touched and requested we allow him to translate the Message (for free) and he also has the means which we can proof read it and then he will help us to publish it for free. Needless to say we are grateful and giving honor unto god for all he has done. God also cast out some demons in another local south of Mbale in Uganda and it was indeed powerful.
I will try to get this in a finished report from Kitale as time and space permits. May God Bless each of you and allow you to witness to what God is doing here in Africa. We know that it is your prayers and your faith that has been a driving force in all of this and we praise the Lord and thank you.
I close in the peace of the Lord and in His Love.
Your Brother in Christ,
Norm Lyles

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