What was witnessed in Heaven?  Why an angel earthly bound.

Had he something in his bringing?  Yes — The Gospel’s Joyful sound.

It was to be preached in power,

Upon the earth the angel said,

To all men, all tongues and nations,

That upon its face are spread.


Had we not before the Gospel?

Yes –had several taught by men.

Then what is this latter Gospel?

Tis the first one come again.

This was preached by Paul and Peter,

And Jesus Christ, the head.

This we latter saints are preaching,

We their footsteps wish to tread.


Where so long had been the Gospel

Did it ever fall away?

What became of those neglected?

God is just, is all we say.

Seek no crop where none is planted,

Nor a day where reigns the night.

Now the sunshine bright is beaming,

Let all churches see aright.


For ’tis the very John the Baptist,

Down to earth has made his flight.

He has come as the very Elias,

To set all Christendom, aright,

The Gospel with angelic admonition–

‘Tis deliverence, and the way.

The gate is baptism through the water,

To bring us to that Eternal day.

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