Today Brothers as we are preparing ourselves and our last details before we depart Sivagangai, we traveled to one of our members place of work. They are a husband and wife team who labor as teachers for the developmentally disabled children. They labor for a private school (an unusual thing in India) which was started two years ago to help the children with serious learning disabilities. We prayed for the students, teachers, and school. They take care of over 85 students and we certainly were blessed to be invited to speak to the teachers and students and pray for them. These are the children society has forgotten pretty much in India, however these Christian people have not. We certainly appreciated the opportunity to pray and speak with them. We gave them (the teachers ) our names and addresses and did all we could to encourage them.

Today in the afternoon after lunch it is 1pm, we shall counsel with the pastor and new Disciple Dayanithi and then email you one last time from here with the details concerning the certificates (I have Larry putting them on the blanks and then we will email them to you. We thank you for your prayers, your support and your love. Truly nothing could be accomplished without your faithfulness to support and help the Lord’s Work. May God richly bless you for all you do. Today as or before we depart, we will send the necessary forms for the certificates. God Bless you.

Your Brother in Christ, Norm

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