“ What have I done?

This is the day the Lord has made let us rejoice and be glad in it. I write to you this day with love in my heart and the desire to serve the Lord. I tell myself that every day. Then I ask myself. What have I done to get the word of God to the people? We read and study the word of God but we keep it among ourselves. That is not what God commanded us to do. He said to take His word to the World.

Matt.28:18 & 19. Go ye therefore, and teach all Nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen.

He called us to take His gospel to the world, to our friends and neighbors, to every soul. We pray for the return of the Messenger but what have we done with what we have?

Msg. 83:17. This is the Midnight Cry. Come, join ye to the rest and peace the Lord can give. Go ye to meet the Lord-in service to the people. Your reward shall be sure.

Msg. 22:18. Oh man, that profess the name of the Lord, remember the eyes of the Lord are upon you: you cannot continue in your unrighteous ways before the Lord your who has created thee. He is long suffering and full of mercy, but He will reward thee as thy works will be.

Msg. 81:9. Add to your faith knowledge, wisdom and obedience in all things, hope in eternal salvation,

Msg. 46:8. This is a day of haste when my work must be done. Those that will heed and obey I will bless, those that will not will loose in the end. Some have grieved me because of man’s traditions, hardness of heart and sin, causing my work to suffer. Some will yet repent while others will go to destruction. Those that do not defend this cause have no part in this work. Let them know they must repent to do my will. Be watchful for it is my voice they oppose, and my design they deny. In their hearts they have rejected the message I have brought from time to time and they are not willing to be directed by mine angel I have sent.

Msg. 81:30. Let the work continue everywhere, far and near. Let all take courage for the Lord has sent me. I am your fellow servant. I bring the warning of Christ coming and instructions of His will to the Church.

Msg. 46:10. “Blessed are the meek and all those that consecrate themselves unto Me. I will be with them, saith your Lord, and stand you in holy places, protecting you when the great indignation cometh. You shall be called mine when I make up my jewels.”

Please read that verse again very slow and listen to what the Lord is saying to us. There is a warning and there is a promises and if we are not doing His will we will loose. Let us move this day for the Lord. Remember the Lord said that no man know the day or the hour the Lord will come. When will you draw your last berth?

Msg. 46:9. Yea behold, I forgive those that repent and walk humbly before me. Yea, my sheep know my voice and they will hear when I call upon them. How is it that some say they love me, yet deny and oppose my design? Know ye not that I know your thoughts and intents of your heart? Why call ye me Lord, Lord, and do not the things I say? Verily, I say not all such shall enter my rest: for in their traditions they have gone astray. They shall not have voice or vote in my work of the Church of Christ.

Msg. 81:12. Fear not what man may say of you and your work. There are those when they hear will go all the way with you and the Message I bring.

Msg. 82:17. Peace like a river of pure waters will flow to all the faithful that heed and obey. Give to them the words I bring. Let gladness and peace in God be in your hearts and the oppressors will fade away. 18. Seek to save. Seek to remove the doubts, lest it destroy the doubter.

Msg. 88:36. Satan knows his time is short and he will work to destroy all that he can. He will work to hinder and deceive and lay stumbling blocks for mankind to fall over. He will puff up in pride and he will discourage in hope, and hinder the faith of many if you do not watch and pray. Have faith in the words of the prophets and the Lord and what I bring and he will not have power over you. 37. Therefore come against him, break his yoke by true belief and study the word-obey the Lord’s Spirit and make ready.

Msg. 88:25. Be glad and rejoice ye wise men, ye that claim to be leaders, obey and your work will come higher in greatness if you heed what I have to say.

Msg. 113: 3&4. This Message is to the appointed and anointed ones of this work to be taken to all the world. All that hear and obey will find peace to their souls. My message is one of love to all that obey it. (4.) The Lord Jesus is the Resurrection and the Life. He is the Savior, Redeemer and King of all mankind. All that hear and obey have right to the Tree of Life and Eternity. His Glory shall overshadow them.

Msg.105:13. To My servants, saith the Lord, come together in love, open the way, hear the Words I send by My Messenger, Obey them and it will be well with you.

We can walk around with a million dollars in our pockets and if we don’t use it to help other people what good is it? Now you just think of what God has put in our pockets. Are we going to give it to the people, or keep it in our pockets? What are we going to do? Give and live or keep it and die. Its our choice, God want force us. But He said that He would require it of us.

May the spirit of Christ touch each heart and cause an awaking to Gods commands.

What have I done?

Yours in Christ,

Apostle Larry T. Gosier Williams.

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