The Lord’s Work In India

Praise the Lord for His wonder working power!

We arrived at Indira Gandhi International Airport New Delhi, India at 3:20am on May 16, 2010. It took us over an hour to get through customs .Brothers Jaitley and Kapoor were waiting for us on the outside. We traveled by taxi to brother Jaitleys’ home, We arrived at 5:20am. We visited a little and then retired to bed.. We were late for Church because,when we awoke, it was 10:30am. Service
had already turned over to brother Vimal who explained why we were late.When we arrived to church, Brother Vimal introduced brother Norm and I. It truly was a blessing to be back with the people again. We both spoke and after service, we were invited to Disciple Rajeshs’ home for a wonderful lunch. . We then returned to Brother Vimals’ home. It was a wonderful day thanks to our Lord.We praise the Lord for all His blessings.

The 17th and 18th, we spent getting things organized for our upcoming journey to Southern India .

Wednesday, May 19th 2010.
We left the home of Disciple Jaitley at 2:15pm en route to the train Station. We arrived a little early in order to purchase some food for the trip. Our Train departed the Station at 4:10pm. Our Car # was A/4,( we had a booth for four). We each had a place to sleep, because each seat turned into a sleeper which made it nice. We had planned to arrive in Chennai at 8pm on the 20th of May. however, due to inclement weather, our train had to be rerouted and we didn’t arrive at Chennai until 4pm on the 21st. It was a good time on the ride, because it gave us extra time to study with Brother Jaitly and Kapoor . Praise the Lord!
Our Brother Abraham was at the Station to greet us. It was a blessing to see him once again. We arrived at his home, relaxed for a short time and we were off to visit Church members at another brothers’ home ten souls were gathered at the home . There, we taught the word of our Lord . There were prayers for the sick and blessings of children. It was a blessed time. We thank the Lord for being with us.

Sunday May 23, 2010.
We were up early , left the house around 8am.. We had a distance to go, so we took public transportation. We arrived at the Church around 10am. It truly was a blessing to be here and meet with our brothers and sisters once again and to see that, many had remained faithful to the Lord. Brother Norm and I both spoke to the people and gave them the words of God.
After service we were invited to the home of one of the members. It was a blessed time there. We got to visit with each and everyone that attended Church service.
We arrived back at the home of brother Abrahams’ about 11pm. We thank the Lord for this most wonderful day
Monday May 24, 2010.
This morning we are up at 8am, after breakfast around 10am we began a meeting with the Disciples to plan how our time would be spent in the South. The meeting went well. Today was a blessed day.

Wednesday May 26, 2010
We are up this morning 8:30am had breakfast and about 9am we were on our way to Kurchipadi which was 4hr away. We arrived around 2pm and was greeted by our Brother Ganeshan. We were taken to his home where they had food prepared for us. We ate and visited for a while and then we moved to a Church that brother Abraham had the ok to use. There a number of people there, including the Pastor of the Church who wanted to hear the word of Go. Brother Norm presented the Church and the work the Lord is doing today to gather His people before He return to claim His Bride. Truly the Lord was with us and we thank Him for His blessings. Our return trip was via bus also.. We arrived back home around 12:30am. Yes it was a very long day.

Thursday May 27, 2010.
Today we are out around 12:30pm on our way to visit members that were gathering at one of their homes. It was a blessing to be there. There were a number of people there and the service went well thanks to the spirit of the Lord. The foundation of Christ Church was taught and all seemed to receive it well. There were no questions at the end. At the close of service there were prayer requests. Brother Norm and I did administer to those that requested it. It was a blessed night and we thank the Lord for it with all our hearts.

Friday May 27, 2010.
Another wonderful day in the Lord. Tonight we are with another group of people. This was a blessing. It is great to put the word of God before the people. We thank the Lord for the opportunity. Tonight Brother Vimal was first to speak and share this great work with those gathered. Brother Norm spoke next confirming the words of Brother Vimal and expressing further the work of God among the people today i.e. How Hes’ restoring His Church and gathering His people in these last days. There were prayers for the sick and those in need. We closed the service with prayer. We fellowshipped for awhile and then departed for home. Praise the Lord for the day.

Saturday May 29, 2010.
This morning we are up at 6:30am preparing to move to Sivaganga. We arrived Sivaganga around 7pm. We were met at the Bus stop by one of our brothers and escorted to the Hotel where we would be staying. Our room was quite small but we knew that we would make it work. After a while our Brother Dayandha came. He expressed how happy he was to have us there once again. After visiting for some time, we decided to go for dinner. Now the task was to find a place where we could eat. In the South you don’t have but two choices, hot or hotter. We did manage to eat a little something. We realized that this is what we had to look forward to for seven days. The Lord is our strength. It had been a long day and we decided to try and get some rest. Thank you Lord for the day.

Sunday May 30, 2010.
This morning we were up around 7:30am. Brother Dayandha was to come for us around 10am. About 8:30am Brother Jaitly. Kapoor and Abraham came for us to go to breakfast. We were back at our room about 9:30. Our brother arrived about 9:55 and we walked to the Church. The people had begun to gather by 10:30. There were quite a number. It was a blessing to be here in Savaganga once again. We thank God so much for our Brother Dayandha who had no communication with us for eight year and he remained true to the word of God. Praise the Lord for His working power! Service began with songs and prayer, after which. Brother Jaitley, Kapoor, Abraham, Norm and Myself. were introduced . I had the honor of speaking first today and Brother Norm followed. The Lord was with us by His spirit. It was a blessing to us and a blessing to the people. After service, there was lunch which had been prepared by the members. It was a joyous time in the Lord. We then returned to our room where we relaxed. At 6:30 pm, we were told that the evening service had been canceled which didn’t make us happy but we went along with it. The day was a blessed day even though it didn’t end the way we thought it would.

The next three days were spent teaching the people on the foundation of Christ. How men fell away from Christs’ Church and how God would restore His Church here on this Earth before He returned. There were questions, and thank the Lord they were all answered. We thank the Lord for the souls that He has touched that is seeking to know Him and His truths. We will continue to preach this gospel of Christ. On Thursday night Brother Norm taught on baptism. Hearts were touched and there were those that showed an interest in what was taught. We just pray that they will come to an understanding. We thank the Lord for His blessings.

Friday June 4, 2010
This morning we had breakfast. Brother Dayandhi came by the room and we devoted quite some time to talk with him about the work of the Lord. He explained to us the things that he wants to do for the Lord. How he wants to work with the people. He truly has been doing a wonderful work here in Savaganga. He said that he would like to focus more on the young. There is a great need to reach them now he said, which we can agree. It was great sitting with him and we felt his desire for the work of the Lord. Let us continue to keep him in our prayers. It was a blessed time with our Brother.
Tonight Brother Norm taught on the foundation of the Church which went well and souls was blessed. We learned tonight that there were those who wanted to be baptized. This was great news and a joy to our heart. The night ended with song and prayer to the Lord. Praise Him!

Saturday June 4,2010.
This morning we awoke up quite early. Our itineary for the day was to make a trip to the home of the Brother Kapoor’s parents. Brother Norm was not feeling well , so he did not make the trip.
Brothers’ Vimal , Abraham, and I left Savaganga around 9:30am traveled by bus. It was was very hot and dusty. We arrived at brother Kapoor’s parent’s home around 11:30am
It was good to see his family again. It was a blessed time in the Lord. We left there at 3:30 and arrived back in Savaganga at 5pm. At 6pm, we were on our way to Church for the evening service. Brother Norm was the teacher for the night.
It was an interesting night. The rains came and the power went out so we moved inside with candles and continued with the service. All went well in the Lord. And we praise Him.

Sunday June 6, 2010.
This morning we had our usual breakfast of coffee and Pita Bread. Brother Dayandhi came by early to tell us of the events of the day. There would be regular services, and in the afternoon there would be baptisms. This was a joy to our ears and we give God all the praise. Both Bro Norm and I spoke this day and the Lord did bless. We fellowshipped for awhile after services and then returned to our room to rest until time for baptisms. Around 3pm, we were taken by a bus to the Church where members and those to be baptized were waiting. They all boarded the bus and we were off. We traveled to a very large irrigation pond. Brother Norm and I baptized and confirmed the new members. Praise the Lord! There were three souls baptized at this time. We know that the Church will continue to grow in the Lord. There was a young man and two young ladies baptized this day. We returned to our room where we showered and got ready for the evening service. At 7pm, we were back at the Church. We spoke on how the word of God is true and being fulfilled this day. How the Lord is restoring His Church and gathering His people. All must come into this way of the Lord. This also was our last night with the people in Savaganda. It was not easy speaking that night. We said our farewells and returned to our rooms. It was a blessed night.

Monday June 7, 2010.
This morning is a slow morning it’s the day of our departure back to Chennai. Brother Dayandhi came over and we talked with him for awhile. He told us that his brother had invited us to lunch. There was no getting out of that one and we arrived at the house about 12pm. We were welcomed by our brother and sister. The lunch was just wonderful. We had a blessed fellowship. We returned to the hotel around 3:30pm. There we rested and talked more with our brothers about the work in India. At 6pm, we went next door to have Chinese food. It was a nice quiet little place. The food was good.
At 7:15pm we were on our way to the train station for our trip back to Chennai. We boarded our train at 8:45pm and at 9:!0 we were off. We arrived at Chennai at 8:30am the next morning.
After reaching Brother Abrahams home we took showers and tried to relax a little. It was not easy because it was very hot. At 5:30pm we were off to visit a Church family.. We arrived at their home around 6:30pm. We were welcomed with open arms. Brother Norm and I spoke to the people and the word of God was well received by all. After service there was prayer for the sick and those in need. We were back at home about 11pm. It was a blessed night in the Lord.

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