Article 4

We believe that men will be punished for their own sins and not for Adam’s transgression, and that as a consequence of the atonement of Christ “all little children are alive in Christ, and also all they that are without the law. For the power of redemption cometh on all they that have no law; wherefore, he that is not condemned, or he that is under no condemnation, cannot repent, and unto such, baptism availeth nothing.” (Moroni 8:25, 26)

Each person will be judged according his or her own works, not the works of others. Only each individual can affect our own judgment, not our family or people that come before or after us. This does not start at birth though. All little children are perfect in the eyes of the Lord. Once we learn about sin and have an understanding of right and wrong, then we can start to be judged for our actions. Through Christ we can have our sins washed way. For further study read Moroni 8:25, 26) (Moroni 8:17-26, Mosiah 26:29-32, Ether 4:12, Galatians 6:4-5, Message 12:4, and Message 44:5

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