Message 46 5-6

Fear not, for it is the will of the Father that this message be carried to the ends of the earth, and the warning of the judgments taught, that the honest in heart will come, for the people must know the way of deliverance. See those that are yet in darkness—see the weakness and sin of man—see those who are struggling in blindness—see those seeking for light, willing to heed it when they hear it: take to them the message of life. You will see the hand of God move to accomplish his work; you will see the evil powers struggle and lose in the end.

We should not worry about how we will take the message to the world. God has a plan on how this is going to happen. When we starting taking the message to the people, the are going to accept. There will be some that don’t, but there will be lots that do. I hope and pray that the people of the world receive the message with happiness.

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