Alma 6:2-3
And it came to pass that whomsoever did not belong to the church who repented of their sins was baptized unto repentance, and was received into the church. And it also came to pass that whomsoever did belong to the church that did not repent of their wickedness and humble themselves before God—I mean those which were lifted up in the pride of their hearts—the same were rejected, and their names were blotted out, that their names were not numbered among those of the righteous.
God has a path to salvation. That path is though repentance and baptism. If you repent and strive to serve the Lord, you will make it to haven. However, if you don’t repent, even if you have been baptized, you will not make it to haven. Our walk with Christ does not stop when we are baptized, that is when it starts.

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