Alma 21:5-10

Therefore, as Aaron entered into one of their synagogues to preach unto the people, and as he was speaking unto them, behold there arose an Amalekite and began to contend with him, saying: What is that that thou hast testified? Hast thou seen an angel? Why do not angels appear unto us? Behold art not this people as good as thy people? Thou also sayest, except we repent we shall perish. How knowest thou the thought and intent of our heart? How knowest thou that we have cause to repent? How knowest thou that we are not a righteous people? Behold, we have built sanctuaries, and we do assemble ourselves together to worship God. We do believe that God will save all men. Now Aaron said unto him: Believest thou that the Son of God shall come to redeem mankind from their sins? And the man saith unto him: We do not believe that thou knowest any such thing. We do not believe in these foolish traditions. We do not believe that thou knowest of things to come, neither do we believe that thy fathers and also that our fathers did know concerning the things which they spake, of that which is to come. Now Aaron began to open the scriptures unto them concerning the coming of Christ, and also concerning the resurrection of the dead, and that there could be no redemption for mankind save it were through the death and sufferings of Christ, and the atonement of his blood. And it came to pass that as he began to expound these things unto them they were angry with him, and began to mock him; and they would not hear the words which he spake.

When we go out to spread the word of God it is important for us to remember that if people do not listen, it is God that they are rejecting not us. There will be people that will fight and try to harm us from doing the lord’s work.  The devil has hardened the hearts of the people so that they will not list, even when scriptures are used. It is easier to keep believing the same traditions as it is to believe the truth, even though most can’t explain those beliefs. We have to have faith in God that he will water our seed and protect us when we are doing his work. There will be many people who don’t like the truth, but we still have to tell it to them.

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