Message 75:2-3

Lo, you have prayed for my coming and the Lord has heard and sent me. Satan has hindered many times in the past—of my coming. The Lord’s work has suffered much. Satan has shown his iron hand and in vain has sought to have his way—but has caused unrest and no peace, deceiving, deceiving and planting evil seeds. In false prophecy has man been deceived and sin has wrought a work. Let it not be found among you. As I speak to you, I speak to the brethren and the Church. Speak the words I bring, let them be heard. Destroy not the plan of God.

Even though the messenger has not come in the last few years, that does not mean he will not come back. Satan is a powerful adversary. He is fighting harder now than ever because he knows his time is short. John will come back because he said that he would. God is not going to let his church end. Let us look at ourselves and try to see if we are doing anything that might delay his coming.

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