Message 59:4

I cried repentance in the days that are past, my message is repentance today. Let all men repent of their sins and selfish ways, for sin cannot receive the glory of God nor the power of the Lamb slain. Except they repent they cannot be redeemed from that awful state. For the Lord has prepared the way of redemption and he has spoken. It is Christ’s words that shall judge all men, therefore, he cannot use man of his own way, for man’s heart is filled with selfishness.

God has put together a great plan for our salvation. It is up to us to follow it. There key points are repentance, baptism and follow Christ. We must repent of our sins that we, ourselves, have committed. After that we must be baptized by one having the authority to do so. We then follow Christ’s teachings in our daily lives. We cannot follow the teaching of a man for we will be judge against Christ’s. I challenge you to look at your life and see where you are in the plan. If you need to repent and be baptized, then let do it. If you have been baptized how well are you following the instructions that we have?

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