Message 64:7

Lift up your strength in the Lord. In times past you have been delivered from the pitfalls of Satan. The plan of the evil one to destroy shall be frustrated. Heed wisdom. Those the Lord has sent you for encouragement to stand by this work shall be blessed, for in peace they shall find rest. Many blessings shall come to the humble.

In our hard time and in our good we need to remember the give thanks to God. There are times in our lives that we might feel that God has forsaken us or left us alone, but this is not true. God is always there, we just might not like what he is saying. God does not promise to make us rich or give us all of our dreams, but he will always give us what we need and the strength to make it through. He does this by his spirit, his word, and the servants. Don’t be afraid to seek the help of others, in your problems. God has a huge army of workers that he can use any way that he wants.