Message 86 38-45

There will be great changes in the unsafeness of peoples, homes and travel—dangers will arise. This will tie things up here and navigation will be at a low ebb. Many will seek to run to and fro, still conditions will be hard at times. However, again a change will come and all men will begin to respect one another and work together, bearing one another’s burdens and comfort will come to the humble. Distress of nations and perplexity will be felt everywhere. However, none can save but themselves and that through the Lord. Man will say, ‘Oh that these things were hid from me and I knew them not.’ Have you not been warned of the things to come? There will be riots, strikes, outbursts against the government, picketing and much destruction of property and people, confusion and dismay, emptiness and untrust toward many people. Labor shall rise up against the hand that feeds them: unrest everywhere. For a time these conditions will be terrible, then suddenly a change will come, and peace will take hold of all that look to the Lord and a better way. Deliverance will come as the people seek to work together and love one another: even all, lifting the fallen, the downtrodden, the outcast and preserving hope in mankind. Salvation is free to all that will hear and take hold and work this way.

Even the messenger of the Lord tells us what is going to happen in the future. There are bright spots though however. First off is says that peace will take hold and all will look to the Lord. This will be a great relief after all the hardship that people will have gone though. Second and the most important is that no matter what happens we can still have salvation though Christ. As long as we are following his plan we will spend eternity with him in heaven. That is what is the most important.