Message 57:2-3

The Lord your God wants a holy people, those that will humble themselves before him. He know the hearts of all and their desires. He knows your weakness and faith. Satan also knows the weakness of man and he has sought to destroy. Remember I told you that he has sought to have you. Many the Lord has called have failed. Let it not be so with you. The Lord has heard your prayers and repentance—be watchful unto prayer always, for there are those that rejoice because of offence and desire to overthrow you. The evil has come upon them. Some seek to destroy you and the message I bring, but they destroy themselves for the words I bring are from the Lord and will have their place. There are many that love the truth.

Have you strayed away from the Lord? We all have done things that take us away from our loving God, but we must return to him. We must keep the truth in our lives and not allow the Devil to pull us away. God wants us to remain faithful, not fall away.