Message 22:14-15

14  Remember: Zion shall not be moved out of her place, nor Jerusalem from her former dwelling place, for the Lord made a covenant with Israel at Horeb, and he will gather his people that are obedient, in their land. And their cities shall again be cleansed and righteousness shall again be in its borders. And the Lord shall remember them, and they shall accept Christ as their Savior, and the gospel as their law forever.

15  And this nation shall be cleansed, and then shall it be Zion, for the Lord will bless this land and the people that will keep his commandments and walk in humility before him. But the heady and highminded he will visit with destruction, and those that have robbed the widow and fatherless, and have taken that which is not their own.

Israel will receive their land that God promised them in the Middle East, but the key to the promise is that they will accept Christ as their savior.  America will also be the place where Christ will return. The people in this land will also be cleansed and follow his commandments.

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