Message 87:2-5

I have come to you at this place in this house, that I might again give assurance that this is the Lord’s work, and his will you have obeyed. The Lord has sent you to this land of Germany to bring the greater blessing to the brethren here. All those that help you and labor in this cause will be blessed. There are many honest of heart in this part of God’s great vineyard. Many will come forth to unite for God. Let all labor in love; be harsh with no one.

There are several things that John brings when he comes. One that is not talked about enough is the assurance that the work that we are doing is God’s work. This is not a man made idea, but the desires of our Lord. There are several people who are waiting to hear about this work. If we keep doing his will those people will get their chance to hear of this work.

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