Helaman 14:17-19

But behold, the resurrection of Christ redeemeth mankind, yea, even all mankind, and bringeth them back into the presence of the Lord. Yea, and it bringeth to pass the condition of repentance, that whosoever repenteth the same is not hewn down and cast into the fire; but whosoever repenteth not is hewn down and cast into the fire; and there cometh upon them again a spiritual death, yea, a second death, for they are cut off again as to things pertaining to righteousness.  Therefore repent ye, repent ye, lest by knowing these things and not doing them ye shall suffer yourselves.

The simple truth is hard to ignore. Christ’s death and resurrection provided us with a way for salvation. Now it is up to us to act upon it. What are you going to do?

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