As we start day two of the Assembly I wanted to give you a recap of what happened yesterday. If you are around or have free time feel free to click on and listen on your computer. We start at 9:00 AM, 2:00PM, and 7:00PM Central time. The link is


Sunday Morning.

Sacraments. We must prepare ourselves to receive Christ. This means being a member of the Church of Christ and striving to follow Christ.  We also had prayer and testimony.


Sunday Afternoon

Terry Laws

We have to follow God’s commandments. We cannot escape from God. He is everywhere. God wants a people who have had trials and tribulations. The people who are left after these trials are God’s people. These are the people that God wants. His people will follow him always and those who don’t will not be counted as God’s people. The gospel of Christ is to be taken to the world. The gospel is simple. Repent and be baptized. This is the only way to be saved. We must stay on the truth, the word of God. The arm of flesh can and will fail. But the arm of God will not fail. He must do God’s plan and not our own. For if we do our own we will fail in the end. God is and is going to do a great work on this earth with his people. He will guild us through the hard time and be there for us at the end.


Sunday Evening

Norm Lyles

What is our relationship with Christ? We each have to have a walk with Christ, but we are part of the Church family. We need to make sure that by following Christ’s teachings we are still about of the family. Parent’s responsibility is to teach children for what the children learn from the parents is how they shape their lives. We must stay with Christ or risk being separated from God. To start our walk or if you fall away baptism is the only way to wash away our sins and become clean.  We must not change God’s word or plan.