Message 12:4

Behold, the Lord has rejected all creeds and factions of men, who have gone away from the word of the Lord and have become an abomination in his sight, therefore, let those that come to the Church of Christ be baptized, that they may rid themselves of the traditions and sins of men; preparing themselves, that they may be fit and worthy for the Spirit and power of the Holy Ghost, and as the greater power shall come, that they may be ready to receive it with joy. For this is the time of the restitution and restoration of all things, and this must come to all that shall be permitted to dwell in the presence of Christ, for sin cannot receive the glory of God, nor the power of the Holy Spirit.

We people find the truth, they must be baptized. This is done to cleanse ourselves of evil and traditions of man. We can only become clean by this baptism. If you believe this message then come on it by the waters of baptism.

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