Message 65:8

I speak the will of him that sent me. I am John the Baptist, the servant of the Lord. Peace I leave with you and the Church. I will come again as the Lord will direct. Amen.”

John is coming to us in these end days not of his own accord, but from the direction of our Lord. John is a fellow servant of us and does the bidding of the Lord. 


  1. Immanuel says:

    If the messager has indeed come and this is the only assured way, why hasn’t the messenger come again? Why have our precious elect been scattered abroad creating their own churches taking sides against the very ones whom they once called brother? Attacking and tainting the very truth that separates us from the rest of the world? Did John ever truly come to us? Or have we perpetrated the ultimate fraud in the name of the Lord? Feel free to email me your response. God bless brothers.

  2. lgosier says:

    Do you believe that God said that He would send His messanger in these last days?

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