Message 31:9

Ye that name my name give thanks unto your Master; in so doing I will bless you that you will be a blessing, and bless others. Let my Spirit rule your lives. Be ye longsuffering. Be not as sounding brass and tinkling cymbal. Be filled with charity and let peace rule your minds and your lives. The fire of joy shall burn within you. Yea, the Lord will walk and talk with those that keep his law in fullness. Seek not the praise of men. Be not heady nor highminded. Seek to do good. A good tree cannot bear corrupt fruit, nor a corrupt tree, good fruit.

We must stay true to the word of God and allow him to shine through our actions. There will come a day when we are asked about the stuff we did and how we lived our lives. To be ready for that day we must act according to God’s wishes today. There is not time like the present to start.