Message 106:6-8

Now hear ye this message and be firmly established in obedience to the commandment of this baptism I bring to rid yourselves of sins and traditions of manmade doctrines wherein Satan has deceived and befuddled the work of God. Thus blindness has been in part. Now arise above it, bring it to pass of God’s great plan. Receive this baptism. Build yourselves in the circle of the Lord. Will it come to pass? Remember the Lord Jesus Christ is the truth, the way of life and salvation—deliverance from all sin. No other way can mankind be saved in the life of the flesh, this life of probation only. Thus mankind chooses this day what his destiny shall be in the hereafter—in the resurrection.

Will you listen to the truth? Will you change your ways to follow Christ’s? There is only one way to salvation, and that is Christ’s. I hope that everyone will listen and follow the truth.