Message 73:1-4

“Write the message I will give you. Take heed the words I speak, for I speak the Lord’s words and will. The Lord your God has sent me in the past and I will yet come in the future. I come now with a message. I am the Messenger of the Lord, the forerunner of the Christ that will come for his own. All those that love his appearing shall find rest and peace with him. I am John the Baptist, the Elias, which was for to come. I come at the Lord’s appointing. I am the Branch; he that shall prune, refine and purify all that may dwell in the presence of the Lord and King of kings. I bring peace like a river and the flowing stream of joy and life to all that heed and obey. I come that the plan might be fulfilled and great peace established.

Here the messenger does a great job of telling us what his mission is and where he comes from. John is here to tell us the words of God. These are words of encouragement and instruction. They tell us what we need to do and give us the assurance to do it. Let us follow these instructions and apply them to our daily lives.