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Message 7&8:11
Let your faith be strong in the Lord your God.  Read the eleventh chapter of Hebrews.  Read it often.  By faith you shall do your work.  Send this message to your brethren.  Some will believe it, but some will not believe.  nevertheless, it will strengthen others; but inasmuch as you and your brethren are humble and faithful to your trust, God will bless your work.
Message 92:5 – 6
5. Where is that great love and the Spirit that mellows the heart, is it still among you?  I say unto you, yea, let it do greater work.  Qualify to be leaders of men.  Do good to all mankind.  Love always, hate and bitterness is not your mission.
6. He that loveth the brethren, loveth God also.  The Lord will uphold him and make him a blessing.
Much has happened in the world in the past few days.  The Lord gives us comfort with one simple sentence.
Message 64:11 Fret not, nor grieve not, over things you have no control, but be calm.
Peace be with you.