Alma 5:51 – 57
51.  And also the Spirit saith unto me, yea, crieth unto me with a might voice, saying: Go forth and say unto this people–Repent, for except ye repent ye can in no wise inherit the kingdom of heaven.
52.  And again I say unto you, the Spirit saith:  Behold, the axe is laid at the root of the tree; therefore every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit shall be hewn down and cast into the fire, yea, a fire which cannot be consumed, even an unquenchable fire.  Behold, and remember, the Holy One hath spoken it.
53.  And now my beloved brethren, I say unto you, can ye withstand these sayings; yea, can ye lay aside these things, and trample the Holy One under you feet; yea, can ye be puffed up in the pride of your hearts; yea, will ye still persist in the wearing of costly apparel and setting your hearts upon the vain things of the world, upon your riches?
54.  Yea, will ye persist in supposing that ye are better one than another; yea, will ye persist in the persecutions of your brethren, who humble themselves, and do walk after the holy order of God, wherewith they have been brought into this church, having been sanctified by the Holy Spirit, and they do bring forth works which is meet for repentance–
55.  Yea, and will you persist in turning your backs upon the poor, and the needy, and in withholding your substance from them?
56.  And finally, all ye that will persist in your wickedness, I say unto you that these are they which shall be hewn down and cast into the fire except they speedily repent.
57.  And now I say unto you, all you that are desirous to follow the voice of the Good Shepherd, come ye out from the wicked, and be ye separate, and touch not their unclean things; and behold, their names shall be blotted out, that the names of the wicked shall not be numbered among the names of the righteous, that the word of God may be fulfilled, which saith:  The names of the wicked shall not be mingled with the names of my people;