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Here is the last video from Africa. I hope you enjoy it.  It is of several people joining the Lords church.

Here is the third Video from Africa. This video shows the building of the new East Africa Headquarters building in Kenya.

Here is the second video from Africa. It is a clip of Larry introducing himself before preaching to a large group of people.

This is a first of several posts of videos from Africa.  This video is of different songs.  It is amazing to watch people of other cultures praise the lord in there native land.

Beginning this report, let me firmly state that the Work of God in Africa has been a blessing to me and a time of rejoicing in the Power and Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. As we finished our final meetings on this journey with our brothers and sisters and the Disciples and Vice Bishops; very few had dry eyes. In my heart were an ache and already a longing to continue the work in Africa and among those whom mean so much to me. The Disciples and Vice Bishops and Women have labored so tirelessly and unselfishly to help the Work of the Lord to prosper and grow. These who have hazarded their very lives for the Work and Word of God. It humbles my very soul to have the honor to labor among them and call them my brothers and sisters. I presented some of my brothers with Bibles I had purchased for them and yet it seemed like so little to me to give in return for the effort and work they do daily.

We traveled to Nairobi Kenya on the 12th of May and our last few days in Kenya for this journey. The ride took five an half hours and I found myself wanting to simply turn around and spend a few more months laboring in this wonderful country, however Christ has work for us yet to do in India. The next few days just flew by in a flash, as Brother Ron and Sister Linda hosted us and tried to do everything needful for us as we prepared to depart. Sister Gillian helped her Sister Linda and Brother in law Ron to make our time of leaving a bit less complicated and not nearly so stressful. We cannot begin to express how wonderful these souls are who struggle to care for us and our needs so unselfishly. Thank you Lord for the love and dedication of these whom you have made unto us such a blessing and a Joy.

We boarded the plane bound for India on the 15rh of May and arrived in India on the 16th. Our Journey was uneventful and we arrived on the 16th of May. Air India the following day on the same flight crashed killing all aboard, except six souls while attempting a landing during a thunder storm.

After a three hour rest, we arose and attended services in New Delhi.  I preached and taught as did Brother Larry. The temperature in India was a record high for May at 115 degrees during the day and cooling at night to a temperature of 98 degrees. Disciple Vimal Jaitley was a gracious and wonderful host, blessing us with looking to our every need; while his wife also blessed us with good food and trying to help us in every way. Sister Jaitley is a true handmaiden of the Lord and a very patient woman. After Church we traveled to the home of Rajesh for lunch that he and his wife had prepared and we once again were blessed to be in his home after an eight year absence.

We then met with Disciple Vimal and Disciple KK Kapoor to go over the schedule and discovered we needed very much to make some changes to the original schedule which really didn’t leave enough time in New Delhi to do the work needful. We made the changes and rescheduled the travel arrangements and then checked with Philippine Embassy for Larry’s Visa to that nation, as he was unable to obtain it before our departure from America. We then did some repacking for our journey to south India and the Chennia and Sivagangai and Erode areas. We emptied our suitcases and put what was needful in our packs and showered, did laundry and tried to rest before our departure on the 19th of May for Chennia.

The two and half day train ride to Chennia India was interesting, as our locomotive, broke down and it delayed us by a day. Then we had to be rerouted due to flooding in the Chennia area. On the 21st of May we arrived in Chennia India. It was extremely hot there also (in fact schools had canceled for two weeks due to the extreme heat). The entire city of Chennia, home to over 5million people was on total water rationing: all homes receive any form of water only on Sundays. This condition creates many difficulties to the poor people who need water to sustain life. We could buy bottled water, but the people lack the funds to do so and are limited to what they can store as they hand pump all they can save on Sunday to last them through the week.

We arrived in the afternoon and then studied with our Disciple Abraham through the night until about 11pm, before retiring to rest. We are staying within Disciple Abraham again this journey and his wife Stella and their two daughter’s do all they can to make us comfortable. We are humbled to be treated so very well. We shall always be grateful to Sister Stella for all she does to make our life easier.

Larry and I purchased some cots to sleep upon and a fan to blow the hot air around at night to keep the mosquito at bay. Then we would travel each night to visit members in their homes for home study. On Sunday the 23rd of May we traveled by bus to the Church and preached and taught to those gathered to worship the Lord; whom we had baptized and set up eight years ago. It was a joy to meet with them once again and share in the Word of God. We continued the home visits during the week and then on the 26th traveled to Kurahipadi, a village some miles north of Chennia. (About 5 and a half hours north) Kurahipadi is a farming village and small city in comparison to Chennia. We met near a refugee camp and there we taught the Word of God to interested souls and shared in the love of God with all who were gathered. Then we traveled back to Chennai, arriving at 3am and walked the two and half miles back to Abraham’s home.

I was blessed to spend my Birthday on the 28th preaching and teaching and also attending a wedding. We were blessed to teach many good souls following the wedding and then traveled back to Abraham’s home and packed for our journey to the city of Sivagangai, which is seven and half hours journey south of Chennia.

On Sunday we were blessed once again to be in the Church we had set up eight years ago. The local church is progressing and being blessed by the Evangelist who is faithfully serving the flock. The Evangelist is named D. Dayanithi and has been a faithful and indeed a wonderful Servant of Christ and His Church. He has built his flock up from a core group of five souls to almost forty souls and although not all are baptized; all are seeking the Lord and hearing the Word of the Lord and not the teachings of man. During our weeks stay in Sivagangai. We were blessed to have two Sunday’s here and every night we held services and taught the people. The only other Christian churches here are the church of south India and the Catholic Church. On our journey here in 2002 we baptized five souls: D. Dayanithi, S.S. Rajkumar, D. Jeevanantham, D. Maria Selvam, and K. Nathiya Nahomi; on December 1, 2002. We were blessed on June 6, 2010 to baptize three more precious souls and the Spirit of God called D. Dayanithi to the responsibility of Disciple and he was ordained this same day to Disciple of India.

Every night, the members had us over for a dinner they had specially prepared for us and blessed us with their fellowship and love. Our Brothers and Sisters here are not wealthy in money; however they are rich in the Spirit of God! It touches our very souls to find such Christian love and charity and I am reminded in truth of the words of the Apostle Paul in second Corinthians 8:1-6, wherein he said, “How that in great trial of affliction the abundance of their joy and their deep poverty abounded unto the riches of their liberality. For to their power, I bear record, yea, and beyond their power they were willing of themselves; praying us with much entreaty that we would receive the gift, and take upon us the fellowship of ministering to the saints. And this they did, not as we hoped, but first gave themselves to the Lord and unto us by the will of God.”  In spite of the hardship and deep poverty here, they sought to care for us and to listen with joyful hearts to the Word of God. Each night they came with a hunger and thirst for the Word of God and indeed the Spirit of God provided and all were filled. Truly God is great and His Mercy has no bounds. On the sixth of June, 2010 of our Lord we baptized three precious souls unto the lord. Victor Rajakumar, Elizabeth, and Esther were baptized near Sivagangai and the Spirit and Power of the Lord bore witness to their conversion and their faith. It was a blessed time for all and we give glory and honor unto God.

In the evening Brother Larry, K. K. Kapoor, Vimal Jaitley and Myself preached one final time before the flock gathered in Sivagangai and Disciple Dayanithi completed our words with his and his appreciation for our coming to Sivagangai. He then took us to the train station for our trip back to Chennia and onto Erode on the following day.

It is my deepest prayer that those who read these words will rejoice and find within them the Spirit and Blessings of God. We send them to edify and bless each of you who read them and to give honor and glory unto God who is the author and creator of all good things in this life. The trials, afflictions, and problems of this life melt away in His Grace and in His Love. We have known His Blessings and His Protection upon our journey. We have felt His Spirit in our meetings and we have shared in the Healings He has provided for the people who love Him and seek Him. We appreciate the prayers and support each of you has provided to make all of this possible. We shall write more from our journey before we depart India. May God Bless and keep each of you and May you rejoice in all that God Has Provided and done during this time.  May His Peace be unto each of you and may each of you stand steadfast in His Word and in His Will.

Your Brother in Christ, Apostle Norman D. Lyles

Construction work on the East African Headquarters

Missionary work in Kenya

Missionary work in Africa

Our Missionary efforts began in Kenya with Disciple Robert Beck of Germany returning to Germany and His work for the Lord in Europe. It was a painful goodbye to this fine brother who has been such a wonderful help to the work of Christ in Africa. Few can understand the sacrifice and dedication of this fine man who gives so willingly of himself for the Lord’s Work and the Lord’s People. I always feel so honored to have him travel with us in our journeys. He has wisdom and the ability to teach and preach in a way that really moves souls to Christ. His humility and love for the Word and the people cannot be matched.

Brother Larry and I departed for Namanagala this morning aboard Piki-Piki (Motor cycle) and a half hour ride (which is much easier than walking).  There we were blessed to fellowship with the church where Disciple Peter is pastor. We were blessed to share with his flock the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and answer many questions concerning various topics that they had questions and the Lord was able to answer and satisfy the flock. We also blessed 7 children and prayed for the sick.

The following day we would depart on a three week absence from the Kitale area, and a journey that would carry us over most of western Kenya.  Traveling with us were Disciples John Githinji and Peter as we headed for the Matati Local. The Local is Vice Bishop Morris home area and he would welcome us there and be our host as we labored in his area. We worshiped under a large tree in the absence of a church building and were blessed with several catholic guests who were anxious to hear the word of God and share in the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. The next day we traveled first to the home of Francis Mwansi in the area of Masatha. Francis had moved there recently and requested we stop by and teach the people in his area. We did indeed teach there for several hours and the Spirit of the Lord was strong as we all considered the Word of God and what He has to say about the day and time we live in. Francis lives in a very rural area and yet the people walked quite some distance to hear and share in the Word of the Lord and learn of what God is doing today. We also ordained Francis Mwansi to the responsibility of Evangelist and tried in several ways to help him in his area n our short stay in Masatha.  We departed the home of Francis late, but were able to travel to the Kamolo Local and the home of Brother Godfrey who has been in the Church since it first came to Kenya. The next morning we would hold classes for ten hours on the Church’s foundation, witchcraft, the rapture, the mark of the beast, sin, and baptism. We also answered a multitude of questions on a wide range of subjects which were of interest to the flock, including marriage, divorce, healing, and casting out of demons. Again, our classes were held under a tree and then into the night in a hut. We finally finished up about 2am and then slept for a few short hours until 6am and a departure for the Nambale Local church some distance away.  It had been eight years since we had set foot in this local and we were surprised to witness how much it had grown! The membership could not even fit in the large church and members and guests sat outside listening to the services and teachings. We would teach and preach here for two days and one night. We would also baptize several precious souls and ordain Evaristus Munyakenye to the office and responsibility of Disciple for East Africa. We also ordained his son as an Elder in the Church. During the Church services the following day; as we administered to the sick and prayed for them; a young woman came forward for prayer of her child. We prayed for the child and the child was healed instantly, but the woman was demon possessed and we prayed for her as well and the demon was removed. It is an experience that is common in parts of Africa and other countries that practice witchcraft. The demon spoke to us in English (the woman knew not how to speak in English/ only Swahili), and asked us who we were and we replied servants of the living God; to which the demon replied in Swahili, “Where do you want me to go?”  I told her this child belongs to Christ and you have no right to her –depart in the name of our Lord Jesus the Christ. The demon as where again and I replied back to hell from where you came and the demon departed. The woman fell limp for a moment and then began to praise God in Swahili and thank Him for her freedom and give glory unto the Lord Jesus Christ. Many of flock began to praise God as well and it was a powerful witness unto those who were witness to the Power of God!  The mosquito population should have grown fat on this part of the journey, as my body looks not unlike a pin cushion from the bites.

We journeyed late this day for Bungoma, somewhat with concern, as our Brother Peter had come down with malaria and it was troubling him very much.

We took him to a hospital in Bungoma and had him treated there by a doctor. His Malaria was such a problem at that point, we sent him back to Kitale with Vice Bishop Morris to care for him and to take him to a better hospital in Kitale. (He would recover, although not for a few weeks)

At Bugoma we would spend much time on the foundation of the church as contained in Ephesians chapters two and four. It has been a huge help for those in Africa to understand the foundation of the Apostles, prophets, and the Lord Jesus Christ. So many questions that we take for granted in America are very real concerns and demand attention in several places in other parts of the World. It is sometimes surprising to learn of so many different doctrines and witness clearly, how mankind has departed the Word of God for the things of man. People worldwide have become complacent when it comes to the Word of God; and yet it states plainly in 2 John verse 9, “Whosoever transgresseth, and abideth not in the doctrine of Christ, hath not God.” If you have not the Doctrine of Christ; that only leaves one other doctrine: Satan. Who among us would want to have the doctrine of Satan? The Bible is so specific and serious about this subject: read first Timothy chapter 4:1-3 and Amos 8:11-12 and tell yourself that God has not warned us of the time we live in.  We find the people in Africa very interested and wanting to be firmly on the foundation of the Lord.

From Bungoma, we traveled to Bucharo and to the home area of Disciple Fred Makangi.  We arrived in the late afternoon amid rain and were so warmly welcomed by Disciple Fred’s entire family. The local there is called the Bucharo Local and the family has even given a plot of land for the building of the Church structure. While at this local we ordained Peter Mukhwana Muchuma into the ministry and this solid young man will be a blessing unto those who live in the area of the Bucharo local. Fred’s family made us feel so at home and although we were blessed by a lot rain; the Lord’s Word still was taught and preached to all that were gathered. It was such a blessing to stay at the home where Disciple Fred was raised and meet with his folks and all his relatives. We shall always remember the fine welcome they gave us and the warmth and love they shared during our time in the area.

From the Bucharo local we traveled to the home of Gillian Shiviaro’s parents and once again were welcomed warmly. It had been eight years since last we were here and her parents welcomed us as if it had been yesterday.   Her father shared with us his Quaker roots and explained how Christians had come to Kenya originally and some of the things they had taught the people. This amazing man had raised many children on a teacher’s salary, built a home with his own hands, and sent all his children to college.  The quality of his character and the integrity with which he carried himself is a lesson in human dignity and honor.

From the Shiviaro homestead we journeyed to the Gisambai local.  We would stay two days here and continue to teach and preach among God’s people and were blessed to stay with Francis Lunuki.  We also baptized many souls at this local and shared in the love of Christ with those who had traveled far to hear the Word of God. Departing the Gisambai local we then traveled to Elderot and the Hurama local. Disciple Tom Matekwa is Pastor here and welcomed us and we once again were able to share in fellowship and Joy with members we had missed for some eight years.  I even got to see my name sake (Norman) who was named after me some eight years ago:  he is Brother Benson’s son and what a fine young man he has become! Of course I might be prejudiced a bit. We taught and preached there for two days and one night and then walked about four miles to baptize several precious souls who had made a decision for the Lord Jesus Christ. Disciple Tom and his lovely wife, (who is soon to deliver another child) took excellent care of us and blessed us with food, a place to lay our heads and the warmth of their lovely home and fellowship that would match angels.

From Elderot, we traveled to the Sukunanga Local church and there we again taught and preached and were blessed to be able to teach on marriage and divorce and how God handles such matters. There were many questions and it was very needful for those present to learn of God’s answers and solutions to some very serious and difficult issues.

Departing Sukunanga we traveled two and half hours by mutate to the Moi Ben local Church and were welcomed warmly again by the precious souls who love God and His Word. Moi Ben is somewhat isolated and off the beaten track. It is a bit like traveling back in time. Nasiali Hudson is the Pastor of this church and is a man of solid values and honest report. He loves the Lord and His Word and preaches and teaches with authority. We were blessed to share in the Word of God with those honest in heart and the Holy Spirit was in abundance as we looked carefully into the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit witnessed to the truthfulness of His Word and His Understanding washed over all present. It was a pleasant and fulfilling time for all present.  We then departed for the long journey to Kitale and a night of rest and a day to try to put things together for the next leg of our journey among the local churches of Western Kenya.

On April 23 we traveled to Kacheliba and the area of the Pokots. We had longed to be among our beloved brothers and sisters in this wonderful place. We completed the three and half hour journey by mutate to the drop off place and then expected a five hour walk back to the local church.  We were pleasantly surprised to find we would ride piki-piki back to the local church (motor cycle) and this save a tremendous amount of time and wear and tear. I remember the first time we came here and the walk along a moon lit night, walking along through the thorn brush and no visible path, but after five and half hours we arrived. Now when we arrived along the same path, we traveled by motor cycle and upon our arrival we discovered the Church they had built, the homes they had constructed, the community in Christ filled with His Love, respect, and dignity. What had been a good community of fine people with nothing; God had blessed with a water well, homes, a church, and a community who worshiped God and respected each other and carried the Word to the communities around them both in Kenya and Uganda. What a Blessing!  We preached and taught once more where we had begun a work eight years  ago and after two days of preaching and teaching we once again walked to the river and brought even more souls unto God through the waters of Baptism and the short walk to the river was truly a blessing to Brother Larry and Myself. It was as if we were attending a family reunion!! The Church has even developed a wonderful choir that blessed us with songs from the throne of God. Pastor John Kapeliswa has done such a wonderful work among his people and truly you can see the blessings of God in Him.

We traveled from Kacheliba to Lelani, and more specifically the local church of Kapero.  It was a beautiful journey and we were blessed with some mountains and packing our packs amid some steep mountains and a walk through moon lit paths and amid a bit of rain.  Disciple John Githinji traveling with us has been such a blessing as he adds so much to the work of the Lord. This tireless Disciple has traveled with Brother Larry and myself so many, many journeys and not only helps with translations in areas where it is needful; he and really all the Disciples bless us with  guidance and  information we would otherwise spend much time trying to learn on our own. I shall always thank God for Disciples such as John Githinji, Peter, Fred, Tom, and Everistus, Madembe, Gizamba, Alexander, and Abihud; who have given the Lord their time, their love, and their faithfulness. We are equally blessed with the Vice Bishops Gideon, Dancan, Morris, and Jarius. Without these precious souls the work would be so difficult and at times impossible. Truly God has blessed these men and we feel honored to have them laboring with us for the Lord.  After teaching and preaching for two more days and nights, the Lord again received several precious souls through the waters of Baptism and all witnessed unto the Lord of the Holy Spirit which had washed them clean and filled them with the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Traveling from the Kapero local we journeyed to Kitale and were blessed once again by our sister Gillian Shiviaro who has taken such good care of us and looked to our every need. She is indeed an Elect Sister within the Church and blessing unto all who know her and have seen all she does for the Church and for the needy throughout the community of Kitale and really all of Kenya. God has blessed this sister and we give her the respect and honor she deserves.

Traveling on, we came to the Kabkawa and Machine local churches. These fine locals welcomed us warmly and made our time and our teaching a joyful and pleasant experience. They shared with Joy the Gospel of Christ and His teachings; rejoicing in the Word of God and showing the Christian love which makes our work so rewarding and blesses us so richly. Eager souls, with a hunger for the Word of the Lord, always brings joy to our hearts and  we pray we have left with them some of the understandings and knowledge of the Word of God which will keep them on a solid foundation of our Lord Jesus Christ and also give them a better understanding of the Church’s foundation.

The next morning we departed for Nairobi and the local there. We were so blessed to be able to stay with Brother Ron and Sister Linda. These are the same two precious souls which welcomed us upon our arrival to Africa some three months ago. I cannot begin to put into words what this fine couple means to us personally. Not only do they sacrifice everything to help us, but their love for the Lord God and His Word is truly amazing! Our Brother Ron simply went far and above what could be expected of anyone as he looked to our every need and sought in every way to help us. Sister Linda and Gillian worked tirelessly to feed us and wash our clothes, and make us feel comfortable. When I think of Christian love these two souls very much come to the forefront of my mind and I shall always hold them deeply within my prayers. We traveled amid rain and at times heavy traffic to the Church and taught for two days. Once again, God blessed us with more baptisms and souls who gave their lives unto the Lord Jesus Christ. The Nairobi local has strong leadership and men of solid Doctrine and men who teach and preach only the things of God. The People themselves are truly Christians who in spite of some real hardships, live the Christian life and uphold the standards of what it truly means to be a Christian.

After returning to Kitale, we then once again loaded up our packs and headed this time to the Sirende area and were blessed to stay with our Sister Regina. We would teach and preach for two days at this fine local and once again God provided several precious souls through the waters of Baptism. God also called two men into the ministry in this local and we ordained them into the ministry and feel certain they will be a great blessing unto the people in that local. The Local also presented us with gifts, which certainly we deeply appreciated.

The next day we traveled to the Soy Mini local and the home of Daniel Bore. This beloved brother we have known since our arrival in Kenya and have shown much wisdom in teaching membership how to become self sufficient in their lives and better able to provide for themselves. He teaches so well in fact, that the government has begun to help him and use him within the community to help many precious souls. We taught for two days here as well and again the Lord by His Holy Spirit drew many souls to the waters of Baptism and the Church gained many more good members. Throughout our journey in all of Africa; God has drawn many unto His Gospel and the Church continues to grow daily. The growth is solid and built upon a strong foundation and souls who come through the waters of Baptism are firmly grounded and understanding very clearly what the Gospel of Christ is and even more importantly: each has become a light unto the community surrounding them. The Light of Christ shines through them and in them.

On the 8th of May we met with the Vice Bishops and helped them to understand and effectively manage the Lord’s Funds and Work. W e have a good group of men who are filled with the Holy Spirit, of honest report and love the Lord and care very much for the flock. The men are serious about helping the Work of the Lord progress and it was very encouraging to witness their love for the Lord’s Work and their faith.

On May 9th we held services in Kitale Local Church and at the Headquarters Building site. The Headquarters Building is almost finished and it is truly a beautiful sight to behold. Brother Larry and I preached and then we served the Lord’s Supper to well over 300 present memberships. It was a joy to our hearts and yet it also was difficult for Brother Larry and me, knowing we would be departing to India in six short days. This would be our last Sunday in Kitale local Church and the East African Headquarters on this journey. It will not be easy to depart from Africa and those whom we love and have labored among to help the Work and Word of God. We thank God for the privilege of laboring here in Africa and share in the Love of God and His Word with all who are members in Africa. We will be meeting with the Disciples for the next few days and the Vice Bishops to give directions and instructions and guidance to help the Work stay on a firm foundation and a steady course for the Lord. These are men who at times hazard their very lives for the Word and Work of the Lord. There are many women who also labor without credit to make the work progress and to insure that the men who carry the Gospel to the people, do not lack in anything. Truly the women in the Churches here in Africa are true handmaidens of the Lord and without them the work would suffer greatly. I praise God for each of them and trust the Lord will bless them in every way.

I hope as each of you read this, you can understand the good things God has done and know that It is Him whom we give honor and praise unto for all that has transpired on this journey. A house built without the Lord will never stand and they, who try to build it, are doomed to fail. It is with that in mind, that we truly praise God and give Him Glory for all that He has done! We thank you for your prayers, your support, and your love. Please know that without all of this from you; there is nothing we could accomplish or do. God bless each of you and may His Peace Be upon you now and forever.

You’re Brother in Christ,

Apostle Norman D. Lyles

This is a blessed day and we thank the Lord for keeping us. We are in Kitale this morning the 6th of May. We will be traveling to our last Local in Kenya today for an overnight.  We will return to Kitale and be here until the 12th when we will leave for Nairobi. We will depart for India on the 15th. God bless all
Larry and Norm.

We write this to you today, knowing the blessings of the Lord and His Grace and protection in our journey for the Lord. It has been a true blessing being here in Africa and the Lord has indeed performed much through His Power and His Love.

The Pastor’s Seminar which we held for five days was a joy and many who came seemed to have been blessed. We taught on the foundation of the Church, Original Sin, the falling way of the Church from the Doctrine of Christ, the Articles of Faith and Practice, marriage, the Tribulation and understanding  of the events that surround it, and where the Church’s Doctrine is on that subject. We answered questions on Doctrine. From March 16th through the 21st we taught classes which were well received by the pastors who were in attendance and many had well thought out and serious questions; which reflected the honest seeking of men who desired to preach and teach the full gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and stand on the firm foundation spoken of in Ephesians chapter 2: 20; “and are built upon the foundation of the apostles, the prophets, Jesus Christ himself being the chief corner stone”.  There are some questions that are unique to Africa and also some that upon our return to America, that might be helpful to the ministry to learn themselves which would enable them to deal with problems and questions that arise in an overseas ministry.

Following the pastor’s seminar, we counseled with those who are building the East African Headquarters building and then prepared ourselves for the coming journey to Tanzania.

We departed for Tanzania minus Disciple John Githinji, who had stayed at home on this journey, due to a serious operation upon his wife. All of us were very much concerned about this surgery and it was such a blessing that the American Church paid for her entire surgery.  She came out of the surgery very well and we all were thankful for the success of the surgery and especially for the kindness and mercy extended by each of you in America who contributed to help sister Githinji and her family.

We traveled all night and arrived at the border of Tanzania at 9am. We waited there for Pastor Masatu Abihudi.  From the border we traveled the rest of the day around Lake Victoria on “the roads” to the village of Chimati, finally arriving at 4pm in the evening. The “roads” in this area are little more than paths, which a good four wheel drive vehicle would find interesting driving. It is a beautiful area with rich vegetation and lots of farms. We have arrived during the rainy season and we have a reprieve from the heat and instead, we are blessed with a lot of muddy paths to walk!  The community has welcomed us and blessed us with a warm friendship and a willing heart and ear to hear the Gospel presented to them.  We teach from early morning until late evening and answer questions concerning the Word of the Lord, and there is a tremendous amount of questions concerning witchcraft, which is prevalent especially in this area of Tanzania. We also have been praying for the sick and needy, and God has been very gracious in blessing us with many, many healings. We also have been casting out demons from precious souls who have through their own misguided efforts, allowed themselves to become demon possessed.  The traditions of their fathers over the ages have often intermixed with the word of God and have created many problems in this area of Tanzania. Sometimes we in America forget our nation is barely over two hundred years old and hasn’t had the influences that exist in a continent that is several thousand years old; even older than most western nations in Europe. This has allowed cultural differences and traditions to pollute and bring confusion among many believers to Christ in this part of God’s Vineyard.  This requires a keen understanding of the Old Testament and also of what is the culture and traditions that exist in parts of Africa.

After many days and nights of teaching and preaching in this rural area of Tanzania and sharing in some wonderful fellowship and praise and worship;

God blessed us with ten baptisms and one ordination of Brother Masatu Abihud to the responsibility of Disciple in East Africa. There are many, many more who will be baptized in the not too distant future, however due to the rainy conditions and people’s work responsibilities; those will be accomplished by our Disciple in the days to come.

The walk to Lake Victoria is about six miles one way and although it is indeed a beautiful journey, it is also time consuming. Needless to say, we have been blessed with lots of fish to eat and lots of rice and banana. It has been a pleasant change to our diet from the past several weeks (although the food has been excellent with rice, ugali, goat, chicken, and now and then some fish). I truly wish each of my brothers and sisters could experience the wonderful way we are treated and fed and comforted here in Africa. Our Brothers and Sisters lovingly give all they have to make our stay and our time comfortable.

From Chimati we traveled to Seka and more of a country town environment. It wasn’t so different from a small country town in the Midwest. We would start preaching and teaching in the town square under a tree and before long, we would have a crowd of interested people.  The area has been exposed to the seventh day Adventist groups and we had some very interesting discussions with many of the pastors and membership there. For two days and nights we shared the Gospel with these wonderful people who listened with open hearts and ears and very much were interested; and have requested we return and help them form a Church of Christ in that area.

We departed about one day early due to some illness and minor injuries among the ministry team there. My own left knee was swollen and reasonably painful and Disciple Fred had a badly infected tooth and others of our group had various illnesses. We felt it wisdom to return one day early and get a bit of medical help for those in need; as our next section of this missionary journey will be in isolated parts of Kenya and a long way from any kind of medical assistance. We felt it better to arrive in the coming area at least somewhat healthy.

It was good to be back in Kitale and the East Africa Headquarters and also to help in the management of the building of the headquarters building. The building is progressing very well. The Brothers labor long hours and truly are building a wonderful headquarters Building!  Most of the women in the Church gather daily, preparing food for the men laboring on the Church, and many of the other members come daily bringing a bag of cement, donating their food, their money, their time, wood, steel, and one precious brother even has paid the cost of the roof entirely himself!  These are not wealthy people and some of their donations amount to nearly several months’ income and all has given what little they have to build what they understand to be the House of God. When I observe the sincerity and love which they precious brothers and Sisters come and give all they have, to enable the building to be completed; I have wipe the tears from my eyes at their faith and their love for the Lord and His house.

New Building

Today on April 4th, 2010 in the evening; our Brother Disciple Robert Beck departed our company to return to Nairobi, Kenya.  He will then fly back to Germany on the 7th of April. He has much work to accomplish in Europe and although it grieves our hearts to see him depart; we understand that the Lord has need of him in Germany as well. Robert has been such a blessing and a true help to the work in Africa. Our room seems a bit empty this night as I write this report to each of you. The dedication and love Disciple Beck has for the Work and Word of the Lord is more than I have witnessed in many, many men. I know the Lord is well pleased with this precious Brother and fellow worker for Christ. Probably one of the best ways to measure the worth of a man is how much He loves the Lord and serves the people of the Lord in a very humble and unselfish way. Disciple Beck is a rare individual and a blessing unto all that know him.

We traveled to Namanjala this day and preached on Easter Sunday and then again on the Monday following. We Ordained Brother Morris to Vice Bishop and Brother Alfred to an Evangelist and have scheduled a lot of baptisms for the not too distant future for Namanjala, when we return to Kitale again.

I will close this missionary report for now, but I pray and hope that each of you who read this may have a bit of an idea of what is transpiring here in Africa. Obviously we have left out the difficult times, as the purpose of a missionary report is to edify the flock and uplift the Spirits of those who read our words. I can assure you however, that the good far outweighs the difficult times. God is accomplishing much and your prayers, your support and your love is so very deeply appreciated.   I will try to send some pictures later tonight and if this old man can figure it out; then I hope you will be blessed. May the Lord Bless and Keep each of you.

Your Brother in Christ Apostle Norman D. Lyles.


Greetings unto each of you, who read this report of March 20, 2010. I pray that you may understand the workings of God and His Holy Spirit during the time since last we reported unto you. We truly thank you for your prayers, your support and your love.

God who is the author of all good things has blessed us on this journey and protected us in ways that would be difficult to explain, suffice it to say that everywhere we have traveled for the Lord, He has provided peace and His Blessings, His Grace and His Love as we journey among the children of God in Rwanda, Kenya and Uganda. It would be impossible to tell of all the people who have blessed us upon this part of our journey for the Lord. The kindness, love, and sharing of all they have for us is humbling and touches our souls very deeply. Without the blessing and goodness of our Brothers and Sisters in Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda; life would have been extremely more difficult.

We are blessed to stay in homes and far too often, they give all of what little they may have to try to comfort our stay and insure we are safe, often at risk unto themselves. We also must give credit unto those who pray, labor, and tithe in America to make all of this possible. It is all these who deserve honor and credit for the missionary effort we are upon.   We are simply vessels which God may use to glorify His Holy name and edify the Body of Christ: His Church.

We departed Kenya for Rwanda, accompanied by Disciple John Githinji, Disciple Fred Mikangi, Disciple Robert Beck, and Apostle Larry Gosier Williams. It was two days of straight travel via Matatu and Bus; we traveled roads not always so smooth and a bit dusty at times. The Lord provided us with safe journey to Kigali, Rwanda; a place I had been in 1992 and the city had changed so very, very much.

We were greeted there by Sister Drocel and some pastors from other churches and a good brother and Pastor Miana James. Pastor James would be a blessing in so many ways and is truly a man who loves the Lord and is firm in the Work of God.  His kindness and humble ways will remain forever in my mind and heart.

For the first few days we visited our membership in Kigali and labored with the Pastors from other churches which sister Drocel had brought for us to labor with. We presented unto them the Unity of the Gospel of Christ, and shared with them the love and word of God. Many of them seemed touched by the Spirit of God and witnessed unto us that they had been preaching the doctrines of man and the traditions of men. These were good men with a love for the Lord, but for the most part, they lacked grounding and understanding of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. (This may seem odd to some reading this report—however should I go into detail you would be a bit surprised at some of the doctrines that these men carried and some of the basic teachings of Christ which fell far short of the Doctrines of Christ. And the second book of john in the back of your bible in verse 9 we are told –if you have not the doctrine of Christ—you have not God) It is no fault of men if they have not full understanding of the Gospel. Where in lies the problem; is when men come to understanding and fail to correct themselves and their mistakes. These good men were willing and we have scheduled the Disciples to return unto them for more teaching and help with the Doctrines of Christ that they might stand on firmer ground. The honesty and love of the flocks we visited was very heartwarming and a true blessing to all of us. These fine people of Christ were so willing of themselves to seek the Lord and to be obedient unto the Word and Will of God. Although they were poor in material goods; they were rich in the Spirit of God and in His Love and in His Mercy.

We then transferred from sister Drocel’s home to the home of Pastor James to continue to reach out to those in need of the Word of God in Kigali. Pastor James ever so graciously had us preach and teach in two of the Churches which he was connected unto.  Brother Larry, and Brother Githinji, and Brother Beck; traveled to one church and myself and Brother Fred traveled to the Church with Pastor James. There we were blessed to be allowed to preach and teach and share in the Word of God with all who were present.

Returning to the home of Pastor James, we were blessed to share in the Gospel with several of the Pastors in James home.  Those present seemed sincere in their interest and in the fellowship we all shared. Pastor Alexander Fire offered to translate the Message in its entire form as a book. It will enable to allow the Message to reach over 10 million people in Rwanda and Congo. I also received an invitation to travel to Congo and preach and teach to several hundred churches and share the Gospel and Message for today unto “a much needed people with the desire to hear the true word of God” Some of this came through prophecy before our departure from Kenya in the Kitale Local church.  We rejoiced at the working of God and His Holy Spirit. Following the Genocide which happened in Rwanda in 1994; there has become a true hunger for the healing of Christ through the Word of God. People are hungering and thirsting for the Word of the Lord. It bring so much joy to my heart to know and feel the Spirit of the Lord working among these whom the Lord loves and desires to heal. It tells us in revelation 22 that the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations and we can plainly witness a healing taking place.

It was difficult to leave Rwanda and the joy and fellowship we  had shared in Kigali, however we needed to be in Uganda and to help the work there; so we departed and once again traveled by bus and Matatu for Mbale, Uganda and the Lord’s Work that awaited us there.

We would be welcomed there by Disciple Robert Gizamba and his lovely wife Rose. This wonderful minister welcomed us into his home and would take care of us and allow us to use his home as a base of operations for our missionary effort in the Ugandan area. What a blessing this fine couple would be for us and the Work of the Lord. Both Robert and His wife did everything possible to make our time in Uganda pleasant and enabling us to accomplish the needful things in our travels and ministering in that part of Uganda.

Disciple Githinji departed for Kenya and Disciple Tom Matekwa joined us to help with the work in Uganda. Without these good men, our efforts in Uganda would be much more complicated and surely less effective. We traveled onto the slopes of Mt. Elgon and to the local church of Kapchora, where two other churches had traveled to join us in the teachings and preaching. We would spend two days and a night in this area and would enjoy a respite from the heat, with some rain. The down side of the rain is it also caused mudslides which unfortunately covered some homes and caused the deaths of over 100 people and made travel a bit more complicated. The water falls upon Mt. Elgon are truly a beautiful sight and the area is lush with tropical growth and banana plants and mango and avocado trees, which offered us with fresh fruit every day. We taught the gospel and helped in training the pastors who had gathered there; God enabled many things which had been problems for them to be cleared up and also enlightened the flocks to a clearer understanding of the Word of the Lord.

Some of the Pastors requested and were invited to a pastor’s seminar we would be teaching in Kitale, Kenya in about two more weeks.  There is great interest in the Gospel and an honest desire among those in the ministry to all preach and teach only the words of the Lord and to abide in His Teachings. It tells us in Romans 10 “Faith comes by hearing, but hearing the Word of God”, and how can they hear, without a preacher, and how can they preach, except they be sent. There are many ideas and doctrines of men in the world today, yet do we not clearly understand it is only the Gospel of Jesus Christ which brings forth knowledge and repentance? It is Christ who said that He was the bread of Life in John chapter 6 and if we eat of the bread of life; we would have eternal life. So truly we rejoice when we find men of honest report and filled with the Spirit of God whom honestly seeks the Word of the Lord.

Sunday the 7th of March found us in the Mbale local Church preaching and teaching and baptizing souls whom have made a decision for the Lord. The rain stopped long enough for baptisms and following the baptisms, we journeyed onward to Baboa/Kasuleta area and once again taught the leaders more concerning the Gospel. Disciple Beck from Germany, suffered with malaria, yet he continued on with us and was a wonderful help in preaching and teaching from the Word of the Lord. This strong Disciple has been such a blessing unto us in our travels in carrying the Gospel to so many precious souls. His gentle manner and loving Spirit is an inspiration to all that meet him.

Traveling unto another church west of Mbale, we encountered some souls whom had been involved in witchcraft and demon possession. We found several souls who had demons and with prayer and lying on of hands; God was able to remove the demons and it was there for the entire church to witness. We then counseled them on how to avoid such things in the future. Demons are real and people far too often, open themselves unto them, by the way they conduct their lives and the things they do. Demons have no power over Christ and Christ promised to indwell us.

We then traveled to the home of Disciple George Madembe and were able to preach and teach to the Church gathered there, before returning late in the day to Mbale Uganda. The Church gathered at Disciple’s Madembe home area was such a blessing and his wife made us feel so welcome and we met there a man who would later follow us to Kitale Kenya and be baptized at the Pastors Seminar we were holding in Kitale. He was a good man and seeking with an open heart the Lord and desired so much to walk in the Word and live by the word of God.

At Mbale we baptized 9 precious souls who had waited us, before departing for the Church at Bubwaga where preached and taught to the four churches gathered there to greet us, along with several pastors from different Churches.

We taught and preached all day and then taught the pastors at night, expounding unto them a deeper understanding of the Gospel than they had known before. We stayed up most of the night clearing up questions they had asked concerning the teachings of men and traditions they had been participating in which were simply the traditions of men and certainly were not an edification unto the flock.

The next day we  walked about five miles to the river and baptized eleven souls and confirmed them members of the Church; and then walked another four miles to the Church at Bubwaga and ordained two men. The Spirit of God was in abundance and the blessings of God were upon all that were present. Some of these precious souls had walked over 15miles in rugged mountains with lush jungle growth to arrive and receive the teachings and would travel back through a

Sky filled with the rain which had accompanied us throughout Uganda. To myself the rain is a blessed relief from the heat (even though it remains hot even in the rain), but it makes travel a bit difficult on these mud soaked trails on steep mountain slopes.

The next day we returned to Mbale, in preparation for a journey to Tororo and the home of Disciple Opolot, who was laboring in Kampala. We spent the night fellowshipping with his wife and sharing in the love of God and His Word. She graciously fed us, and allowed us to spend the night. We spoke deep into the night of the things of God and calling her husband on the phone and praying for him and his family.

We arose early the next morning and began the journey back to Kitale, Kenya.

We arrived via Matatu after a four and half hour journey. Dusty, somewhat weary from our travels, but ever grateful for the safe journey our Lord had given unto us. Peace accompanied us the entire way, and although many difficult things which I have not written about were part of our journey, we full well understand that it is God whom provided our protection and all the precious souls who came through the waters of baptism, the understanding of the pastors, and men who became part of Christ’s ministry during our journey, and the healings that have accompanied us throughout our journey in Africa. We feel that God has better equipped the ministry to function in a land where it is so necessary to bold in the word of God, but also to have the wisdom of God not to offend while being zealous for the Word of God, and to look to the needs of the people and ground them in the Word of the Lord. We spent much of our time teaching the foundation of the Lord’s Church and His Doctrine, as 2nd John (small book in back of your bible) verse 9; tells us “if you have not the doctrine of Christ, you have not God”. Much of our teaching comes from Ephesians, and all of the teaching comes only from the Word of God. All things are proven by the Word of God and in much of Africa; there is a real need to move away from the traditions of men. Many of the pastors would travel the following week to Kenya for the Pastor’s Seminar we would hold there for five days and nights. We will be holding it for 13 hours per day; and the men attending are very serious about the word of God.

Arriving back in Kitale, Kenya; we walked to the Church Headquarters for East

Africa, and observed the progress on the construction of the building. All of the Church members in Kitale were at work. The women cooking on the construction site. They were cooking on open fires Ugali, rice, and Chicken, and tea—all the while tending to their children, as the men worked on the building.  Each day began with prayer, then men would labor (all by hand) digging the foundation over eight feet deep, hand cutting the steel for the pillars, breaking the rocks by hand, mixing cement from bags by hand. All the work is done without machinery and all is done manual labor. Donkeys bring the timbers, steel, and other heavy things. Members bring what little they have (chickens, rice, maze, tea, cement bags, money for materials, and labor for 12 to 16 hours each day) they sleep in the temporary church building on the floor on mats and sing praises unto God.

I cannot express how deeply the construction of the east Africa headquarters building touches me; to witness how deeply these members love the Lord and labor for the Building of the headquarters building and how very much it means to them: there are simply not enough words to express how great of a matter this really is to the people here. When I read about the building of the temple of the Lord I find it very, very similar. The body (church) of Christ, laboring with one accord and praising the Lord and singing praises unto the Lord. All God’s people laboring together in love and Unity. What a Joy and Blessing! In my next report I will tell of the Pastor’s seminar and our journey into Tanzania.

I hope and pray that all who read this report will forgive any spelling errors and truly be blessed with understanding how the Lord’s work is progressing here in Africa. God has poured out His Spirit in Great measure and we have known His protection in our travels. We have known His Love and His Grace in our ministry unto the people of the Lord. We truly have been blessed ourselves and the healings which have been and continue to be part of this journey we are forever grateful unto God. Rejoice my Brothers and Sisters, for indeed the Lord is Faithful and True. God Bless and Keep all who have shared in this report and thank you for your prayers (always needed) and your support and your love.

Your Brother in Christ,

Apostle Norman D. Lyles

God Bless you my Brothers and Keep you now and  always,greetings in the LOrd Jesus Christ.  I just wanted to thank you for your prayers and your love and your support. and give you some short news which will expand during our seminar in Kitale next week.
I send this from Mbale Uganda. We have baptized in Uganda about 20 souls and tomarrow we should baptize two entire Churches or about 50 Members. We have ordained about 8 or 10 Elders in Uganda since here and one Disciple in Kenya. Also Robert Gizamba in Mbale has been ordained from vice bishop to Disciple.  The Lord is working well and we praise his Holy Name.
We preached and taught on the slopes of Mt Elgon and God brought four churches together and two were not ours–they are now!!!  Robert Beck got malaria but is doing better now and we are working some very long hours and walking in some really hot places.
God also provided us a man to translate the entire message book into Rwanda language, which will open doors into the Congo and Rwanda and 10 million souls. The man is college educated and has written two books published –one in english and the other in his language.
He will be at the seminar in Kitale we are teaching from March 16-21st. Probably we will baptize him there if he is willing. He was very much touched and requested we allow him to translate the Message (for free) and he also has the means which we can proof read it and then he will help us to publish it for free. Needless to say we are grateful and giving honor unto god for all he has done. God also cast out some demons in another local south of Mbale in Uganda and it was indeed powerful.
I will try to get this in a finished report from Kitale as time and space permits. May God Bless each of you and allow you to witness to what God is doing here in Africa. We know that it is your prayers and your faith that has been a driving force in all of this and we praise the Lord and thank you.
I close in the peace of the Lord and in His Love.
Your Brother in Christ,
Norm Lyles

Arriving in Kenya on February 10, 2010 of our Lord we were greeted by our Brother John Githinji and Sister Gillian Shivairo who had traveled through the valley of the shadow of death to come and greet us and give us safe escort to Kitale, Kenya and the work of the Lord in East Africa. They were joined in greeting us by Brother Ronald Kasembeli and his lovely wife Linda. These precious souls gathered us at the airport and brought us to the Christian Guest House in Nairobi.

Sister Gillian, in spite of serious wounds suffered in her home during an attack upon her and those children in her home; had traveled with Disciple John Githinji to gather us in Nairobi upon our arrival in Kenya. On their journey to gather us; the bus was overtaken by men who sought to rob and kill all upon the bus. They were driven into the bush to be forced outside and lay upon the ground face down and robbed; yet by the grace of God their lives were spared (usually in such instances all are killed). These brave souls made the journey to insure our safety and good transport to Kitale, Kenya.

During our time in Nairobi, Disciple Beck, Apostle Larry, and Myself took care of the needful business that was needful for our time in Africa. We helped our Brother Beck to get his visa’s and we also obtained our Tanzania visa. We also were blessed to enjoy the company of Brother Ronald and Sister Linda in Niarobi. We introduced Ronald to the Church of Christ with the Elijah Message (Sister Linda is already a member.), and prayed for their lives, their home , and God’s Blessings upon them. These two precious souls share love of God so freely with all and had warmly blessed us with food, and blessings of God in their love and friendship toward us. It was an honor to spend time in their home and in their lives and know that Christ is laboring with them in great measure.

As we prepared to leave Nairobi we were then also joined by Disciple Fred Mikangi and Sister Beatrice. The blessing of God to have these two beloved souls from Kitale to come also and insure our safe journey to Kitale, warmed our very souls and the joy we felt could not be measured. Disciple Fred came even though he suffered with malaria and thypoid and both he and Sister Beatrice had a joy and warmth that had no bounds.

Such are the Brothers and Sisters in Kenya , whom travel at hazard to their own lives to share the love of God and fellowship, to care for we the least of all the brotheren and bless us with food, fellowship in Christ, and unto our every need. How can one measure the goodness and Christian love that is displayed in the actions of these our Brothers and Sisters? Simply the journey itself is wrought with danger and hazards, but with no thought for themselves, they come and care for our needs.

We arrived on the evening of the 13th of February in Kitale, Kenya, knowing all the while that even in Nairobi we would return and labor further with those whom have need and hunger for the Word of God in that area.

It had been eight years since Brother Larry and I had been in Kitale an yet it was as if we had never left. We walked to the Church plot and the temporary church which was erected there. We praised God for His Mercy and Goodness, in providing us once again to look upon a work of God which had begun so long ago.

God’s goodness and grace has a way of humbling each of us, and I know full well that each of us: Disciple Robert Beck, Apostle Larry Gosier Williams and myself felt with deep humility the Spirit of God and His Blessings which were very obvious to even the casual observer here in this place. We were also blessed greatly with the love of a young child of two years named Terrence Wekesa ; who would be an almost constant companion during our days in Kitale.

Sunday morning of the 14th of February 2010 found us in the Kitale Local preaching and sharing the Word of the Lord to over 300 beloved souls and some guests from other denominations. The Lord was the most honored guest and led all whom had come to be fed with His Word and His Blessings. God’s healing was in abundance and so was the gift of prophecy and of tongues and interpretation of tongues. Disciple Beck preached upon Love and shared the importance of having the love of God in all that we do. Apostle Larry continued in the service of the Lord sharing his experiences in his first coming to Kenya and how much the Lord has blessed and helped the people to grow and prosper in Christ. He shared also the importance of holding fast to the doctrine and foundation of the Lord and remaining true to the promises we have made to God. I followed, preaching from Philippians chapter 1 and 2 and the forty-fourth message concerning following the Lord and remaining in His Will and not allowing our own desires and wants to overrule the Spirit and Power of God. I also stressed that it must be that those around us may witness Christ within us. The service was then blessed with hymns of worship and Apostle Larry leading us in praise worship through song.

At the end of the service we were honored with gifts from the flock and local of the Lord. They presented each of us and the Disciples and Sister Gillian with a rose , a plaque, and a wreath for our necks. The presents touched me so very deeply and warmed my heart to overflowing. I feel so unworthy of the love that each of my Brothers and Sisters share with me each day.

On Monday the 16th of February, the Lord Blessed us with meetings with some of the membership and Elders of some of the locals. God blessed us in these meetings with a fine man, married with seven children. His name is Daniel Michoki Mogaki Bore and we studied with him and others who had gathered in the Church for a time on fasting. The Lord God moved upon the Spirit and he was called and ordained as an Elder in the Church of Christ with the Elijah Message. Apostle Norman D. Lyles ordained him, assisted by Apostle Larry Gosier Williams and Disciple Robert Beck.(this was done on February 17, 2010) On the 17th through the 19th we met with the Disciples from Kenya and Uganda to plan the work while we are here in Africa. The meetings carried into the night and we were honored to find the Disciples in Unity and filled to overflowing with the Spirit of God. These men are good men, filled with honest hearts and willing hands to do the work of God. These are men with families and men who understand responsibility and the importance of having God in their lives.

During this same time we were blessed to speak with Brother Gideon Mare, a member and brother in the Church of Christ with the Elijah Message for over ten years, whom I had met in 2002. Gideon is a contractor, building large buildings and the Spirit of the Lord rests upon him. We discussed with him the possibility of finally building the East African Headquarters and requested he let us know the cost and how it could be done. He pointed out we have several carpenters, electricians, plumbers, and brick masons within the Church Membership and he would donate his time, his architect to draw up the plans and help us get all the government permits.

The Lord’s Church here in Africa has grown in numbers and in Unity of the Spirit and is rapidly expanding into other nations from this point of Kitale and surely it is time to build a headquarters here in East Africa, where all the nations in East Africa may come and learn of the Word of the Lord and of His Restoration of the Gospel of Christ that men have so long ignored. Yes, there are thousands of Churches throughout the world, but Jesus promised He would indeed restore His Church unto mankind that all might have a true chance to hear the complete Word of God and not the ideas and doctrines of man.

After much prayer and consideration of the Word of God and His Holy Spirit: God’s Holy Spirit bore witness to each of us (Larry, Robert, and myself ), that indeed it was time to construct the house of the Lord for East Africa. We had Gideon Mare have his architect draw up the plans with our input and contributions. Then he explained the cost in total detail. Then Disciple Beck of Germany offered to help in the building costs and to help us to oversea the building of the headquarters that all might be accomplished in the Will and Plan of the Lord. That night Larry and I called our brothers in America: Apostle Terry Laws and Apostle Darrel Bellamy and gave witness of all we had seen and done . We spoke to them of the need of the headquarters and the need of the nations in East and Central Africa to be able to gather, worship, and meet with the Lord to guide and bless the work here in this great continent. The Spirit of God washed over Larry and I as our Brothers in America were of one Spirit and in total unity! Within my heart and very soul God’s Word’s contained in Message 81:21 filled my vision and the Lord speaks saying , “Let the house of the Lord be built, and Church of Christ with the words I bring, the Elijah Message, be established everywhere. Come! All that love the Lord and this work, work together. This is the Lord’s anointed, and appointed, the associated ones of faith. Peace be unto all.” And also when there is Unity among the faithful His Work shall be done. The Unity and the Love that fills the hearts and souls of our Brothers in America and throughout the world is complete and in harmony with the Spirit of God. Even as my Brother Terry and Brother Darrel spoke unto us we could witness the Lord’s Spirit in all that they shared with us and it was difficult to contain the joy of the Lord and His Power. To have such Brother’s as these fills our hearts to overflowing. I thank God always for our Brothers there in America. We truly thank each of you for your prayers and your support, without which the work of the Lord could not be accomplished..

The house of the Lord in Africa will be completed before Brother Larry and I depart Africa! It will be built through the Power and Grace of our Lord Jesus the Christ and the understanding and blessing and prayers of our Brothers and Sisters in America and Europe.

As I close this report we prepare for Services in Kitale on Sunday the 21st and our then departure for Rwanda, we pray that each of you can rejoice and have a small understanding of the things of God transpiring in Africa as you pray and support the Lord’s Work. We shall continue as much as possible to keep you informed of all that God is doing today in this His Church throughout the world. God bless each of you.

Your Brother in Christ,

Apostle Norman D. Lyles

Heard from Norm and Larry.  Things are going well in Kenya. The church is starting to build a building for the local in Kitale.  There are several hundred members in the local at Kitale. There has lots of growth with new locals being established across the county in the last several months.  There as been several miracles that God as done to help show the people his power. God is doing a great work and we pray that it continues.