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Message 32:6-7

Verily, verily, ye say ye love me. Where is your God that created thee? Know ye not that I know thee and know your whereabouts? I led many from the way of darkness and ye have contended selfishly to your woe, driving the good Spirit away; and doubt has entered the minds of some. Some that say they are not accountable for their folly; this is not of me, your living God. I speak these words of truth and they shall have their place among my children. Yea, trust me ye flocks, and I shall bear thee up at the last day. I am your God, I change not. I love thee and shall bless much, as your faith is. I leave my peace upon you.’ ”

We need to stay true to the word of God. We will be held accountable for all of our actions when we face judgment. There is no point in hiding in the false belief that it does not matter what we do on earth. We must repent of our sins follow Christ to have his salvation.