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Here is the last video from Africa. I hope you enjoy it.  It is of several people joining the Lords church.

Here is the third Video from Africa. This video shows the building of the new East Africa Headquarters building in Kenya.

Here is the second video from Africa. It is a clip of Larry introducing himself before preaching to a large group of people.

This is a first of several posts of videos from Africa.  This video is of different songs.  It is amazing to watch people of other cultures praise the lord in there native land.

This afternoon Bro Beck told us about his trip to Africa.  There were lots of pictures of happy faces and videos of good times.

In the Evening service Edward Coffey talked about having humility and following the true words of God.  There is only one way to do Christ’s work, so we have to follow it closely.

Check the Facebook page the next few days and weeks at for pictures and videos from the missionary trip to Africa and the 2010 Assembly.  If you are not a member of Facebook you can view the pictures at:


Missionary Trip:

Heard from Norm and Larry.  Things are going well in Kenya. The church is starting to build a building for the local in Kitale.  There are several hundred members in the local at Kitale. There has lots of growth with new locals being established across the county in the last several months.  There as been several miracles that God as done to help show the people his power. God is doing a great work and we pray that it continues.