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Morning Service, Norris Purifoy

Morning Service, Ed Coffey

Evening Service, Chris Laws

Evening Service and Dismissal, Larry Gosier

Morning Service, Larry Gosier

Afternoon Word Study, Norm Lyles Pt 1

Afternoon Word Study, Norm Lyles Pt 2

Evening Service, Darren Bellamy

Note: We apologize for the loss of so much of Brother Bellamy’s sermon.  We were having computer trouble that evening and the recording was mostly lost.

Morning Service Terry Laws

Afternoon Word Study, Ed Coffey Pt 1

Afternoon Word Study, Ed Coffey Pt 2

Afternoon Word Study, Ed Coffey Pt 3

Evening Service, Robert Beck Pt 1

Evening Service, Robert Beck Pt 2

Opening and Sacrament

Testimony Service

Afternoon Sermon  Larry Gosier

Afternoon Sermon Terry Laws

Evening Sermon Norm Lyles Pt 1

Evening Sermon Norm Lyles Pt 2



Word Study – Pt. 1 – Terry Laws

Word Study – Pt. 2 – Terry Laws

Word Study – Pt. 3 – Terry Laws

Sacrament, Testimonies, Administrations, Closing of Assembly – Pt. 1 – Terry Laws

Sacrament, Testimonies, Administrations, Closing of Assembly – Pt. 2 – Terry Laws




Morning service:

Word study: We started the study with Hebrews 11. Faith is a fundamentally part of belief in Christ. Faith allows us to step out on God’s word. This allows us to walk closer to God strengthens our belief and faith. It is time for us all to grow, both as a church and as people. We each have a job to do for Christ. We have to help each other reach other people. We have to be supportive of our brothers and sisters as we do our own jobs for Christ. Christ gives us the authority to do his work.

References: Hebrews 11, Romans 4:1 1st Nephi 12:5-6, 2nd Nephi 31:19, Message 117:2, Message 119:6, 2nd Nephi 31:19-21, Message 26:1, Message 94:4-5

Wednesday Afternoon:

The first person to teach this afternoon was Norris Purifoy. There is only one Lord, one faith, and one baptism. The sprit allows us to have that close communication with God. It is the one the looks after on our journey. We must not run ahead of the plan of God. It is important to have the close communication with God though his sprit and prayer. God has given us a job, but he also gives us instructions. John is coming back to give us the fullness of the gospel so that we can take it to the nations of this earth. It is responsibility to take the gospel to the people and build the temple. The closer we are to God, the more that Satan pulls at us. It is a struggle that we will have to the rest of our lives.

References: Message 93:3, Ephesians 4:4-16, Galatians 5:17-26, Message 94:1-22, Luke 4:18, Message 6:4, Message 7&8: 5,8, Message 9:5, Message 10:3, Message 11:1, Message 12:1,12, Isaiah 2:1-5, Matthew 26:29

The second person to teach this afternoon is Darren Bellamy. God does not give us anything that we cannot handle. These trials and tribulations that we have to go through in our daily life are to test us to see how we are going to react.  We have to be thankful for these trials because they strengthen us and make us closer to God. We need to clean ourselves of our sins. We have to prepare ourselves and our hearts before we ask God to forgive us. We have to be sincere in our request and want to change. We need let God judge those that do us harm, and not hold the grudge or retaliate. We need to love everyone, no matter what they do to us. God always makes sure that justice is served. It might not happen during this life, but it will be happen. God is in controle.

References: Matthew 18:21-22, Matthew 5:38, Matthew 18:3


Tuesday Morning:

Larry Gosier led the congregation in praise and worship service. We sang songs, talked about how God was in our lives, and just how great God is.

After the praise and worship service Larry lead a word study on the 108th message. Christ is above all else. We cannot raise others up to the same level as Christ. John is just a servant of God performing his duty. We must keep Christ in our focus. We cannot add our own thought in ideas into Christ’s teachings. We must follow his truth and not get caught up in our own traditions.

References: Message 108

Tuesday Afternoon.

The first presenter this afternoon was William Holden. The Lord has directed us to take the message to all of mankind. The Lord uses many tools to bring all Christendom to come to his truth. The church has been established by God according to his plan. We must fall away from the traditions of men and must follow Christ’s instructions.  Satan is trying convince people to not follow the plan of God. All throughout history you can how people have fallen away from God.

References: Message 91:5, Message 92:14, Message 95:4, Message 96:6, Romans 14:5, Message 84:38, Message 112:1-4, 3rd Nephi 13:9-13

The second speaker is Phil Meihls. Phil talked about the truth is found in the three books, the Bible, the Record of the Nephites, and the Word of the Lord. We have to be watchful of the devil. He is always out there trying to pull us away from God. We must take the time to study and praying to the Lord to stay with him and not fall away from the truth. We must search out and then teach the fullness of the gospel. Our carnal nature always pulls us away from God. We have to fight to stay with God.

References: Message 25:11-15, Message 39:14-17, 1st Peter 4:17-19, 1st Peter 5:1-7

Tuesday Evening

Terry Laws preached this evening. Christ is the Lord, he is God, he is the one, and he is the beginning and the end. Christ is cleansing this world and his church. Today is the day that we need to choose who we serve, God or man. We have to have action in our lives for God. We need to keep our focus on God, not the world. We must stand on the truth and with God. The devil is working very hard trying to pull us away from God. God allows this temptation to occur to allow us choose who we will serve. Christ love is a love that is greater than we can understand. It will always be there to comfort us and to lead us. We must take that love and then share it with the world with his gospel.

References: Psalms 37:1, Message 84:5-6, 16-20, John 3:17, Psalms 37:10-29, Message 88:34, Matthew 28:20, Psalms 37:33-34, Message 89:9

Here is a recap from yesterday’s Assembly.


Monday Morning Word study

Edward Coffey lead the word study this morning. We studied the 79th message.  We discussed who John the Baptist is and why he was put on this earth. John is a fellow servant of Christ with us. He was sent to help us prepare for the second coming of Christ and to prepare the way before him. God has a plan for the second coming and the signs of it are here for us to see. The questions is will we be able to see it before it is too late. We must pray to God for him to lead us in these end times. We must humble ourselves before our Lord. We do not know when Christ will return, but we have to prepare ourselves for that moment. We will be judged on what actions we do in our life and what we do with Christ’s words and instructions. Christ’s sprit will guide us, but that sprit will always match the written word of God. It is our responsibility to follow that sprit and word. We have to take Gods word to the people and let them chose what to do with it.

References: Message 79, Malachi 3:1, Matthew 11:7-11, Luke 1:67-79, Revelation 19:1-10, Revelation 12:1, 5-6, Message 81:27, 2nd Chronicles 7:14, Message 1:2, 4-8, Matthew 25:1-13, Message 3:3, Message 84:24, Message 114:5-10, 1st Peter 2:2


Monday Afternoon

Chris Laws spoke this afternoon. To follow Christ we must follow his plan and commandments. We must become humble, meek, submissive, patient, full of love and all longsuffering in the eyes of the Lord. We must go out and teach repentance of sins and faith in Christ. This is what will save people. We must go out and do this work with Christ’s love in our heart. We can only love one thing, God or man. To follow Christ we only have to do two things, Love him with our whole heart, soul, and body and to love others like ourselves. If we do these two things, we will accomplish everything else that Christ wants us to do. We must take this gospel to everyone, not just the people like us. All need the opportunity to find and follow God. Only Christ’s love will give us the strength to stay on the straight and narrow path. We must love our fellow workers and strive to hold onto the Christ’s truth.

References: Alma 13:27-28, Mosiah 18:18-22, Matthew 6:24, John 14:15, John 15:9-14, Mark 12:28-34, Matthew 5:43-48, Luke 6:27-38, Article 16, Alma 38:10-15, Message 3:7,9, Message 9:8


Monday Evening

Ronny Beck spoke during the evening service. We are each called to serve God in our own way. We have to listen to his plan for us. We have to stay humble though. When we work for God we will become naked before the Lord. Everything is in God’s will. He will not go away when times are tough. We must follow God and not add our own ideas into the plan of God. God wants us to keep working in the work. We need him at times to help us through, but this is Christ’s work and it is powerful. Christ does not divide himself. There is only one truth. There is only one way to join the Church and only one authority of Christ.

References: Matthew 22:1-14, Genesis 3:8, Message 111:1-5, Malachi 2:1-4, Message 110:4-15, Message 112:5

Here is a recap of Day One of the Assembly. If you have time today please join us at 9:00, 2:00, 7:00 for services here.

Sunday Morning:

Opening: Larry Gosier opened the service with songs Blessed Assurance and The Church’s One Foundation. After the songs Larry talked a short time about how Jesus is the Christ. Jesus is God, but people did not believe him because he was one of the people. We have to keep searching and growing in the Lord if we want to stay with Him. People today find Christ and then stop learning about him. This action causes these people to be left behind from Christ and his full gospel. This all sounds simple and easy, but human nature makes it difficult to put into actions. We need to stay persistent allow God to help us on our journey. We have Sacraments that we remember Christ and have him enter our hearts.

We had a Season of Prayer so that each person could prepare themselves for the Sacraments. After Sacraments we had a session of testimony to allow people to share how God has blessed each one of us.

References: John 6:42-58

Sunday Afternoon:

Terry Laws spoke in the afternoon service. God has a plan for us and or the world at large. Ever since God created humans there has been a plan in place for us to have salvation and for the second coming of Christ. We have to follow the plan that God has given us. We cannot make our own plan or do it on our own time line.  We must have faith in the plan that God has laid out. We must each do our own part that he has given us. No matter what our individual role might be, we each have to proclaim the gospel to the people. The number one thing to do in the plan of God is to preach the truth to the world. If we do this well, the rest of the plan will fall into place. We have to each stay the course with our walk with God. There are many outside forces that will try to pull each one of us away from the truth. God gives us trials and tribulation to test us and see how we will respond. Each trial that we have to go through has a purpose behind it. Each one of us has a part in the plan of God. In order for his plan to work as desired we must do our part. If we do not do our part it affects every other person. God has given us his plan in his written word. This can be found in the three books: The Bible, The Word of the Lord, and The Record of the Nephites.

References: Message 55:9, 57:1, 46:6-9, Hebrews 12:25-27, Message 34:4-5, John 3:16-21, John 4:7-25, Message 49:1-2, Message 71:6, Psalm 139:1-24, 3rd Nephi 9:1-3, Alma 40:12-13, Message 81:27

Sunday Night:

Larry Gosier spoke this evening. We have to know God and strive to stay with him. Strait is the path that leads to salvation. We have to stay focused on the prize. It only takes one step the wrong direction on the strait path to be off of it. Christ gospel is the same. It only takes one little thing to make what you say not agree with God. We need to keep grounded in Christ. There will be times when we are working for the Lord that the Devil will try to pull us away from the truth. We must stay firm to the teaching of Christ and not allow us to be caught up with the ideas of the world. We must follow the teachings of Christ. We cannot take what Christ said and then add our own flavor to it and expect Christ to accept it.

References: Matthew Chapter 7, Message 32:3

Day four files have arrived.

Assembly 2012 Day 4 Larry Gosier

Assembly 2012 Day 4 Terry Laws

Here are Day Three files from the Assembly.

Assembly 2012 Day 3 Darrel Bellamy

Assembly 2012 Day 3 Norris Purfiy

Assembly 2012 Day 3 Chris Laws

Here are the files for Day two of the Assembly.

Assembly 2012 Day 2 Darrin Bellamy

Assembly 2012 Day 2 Edward Coffey

Assembly 2012 Day 2 Larry Gosier

Here are the recordings for the Assembly Day One. You can expect the rest over the next few days.

Assembly 2012 Day 1 Norm Lyles

Assembly 2012 Day 1 Phil Meilhs

Assembly 2012 Day 1 Terry Laws

Here are references from yesterday’s meetings. I am sorry that I don’t all of the notes, but I tried to catch the references.


Word Study

Larry Gosier

Message 81, 1st Corinthians 13:1-13


Afternoon Services

Larry Gosier

Galatians 6:1-18


Evening services

Terry Laws

The Lord wants a tried and proven people. He will send rewards to his people who stand by him.

Message 92:3-8, Psalms 53:



Here are the notes from the services from yesterday. I hope that the spirit touches you when you read them and look up the references. Once again if you are free at 9, 2, or 7 tomorrow feel free to list at

Tuesday Services

Morning Word Study

Bill Holden

Christ set the foundation of the Church. From the foundation there is a difference between truth and lie. The truth will always come out on top of the evil. Through the time that the Church fell away for God, the Lord had a plan of safety prepared to the coming forth of fullness of the Gospel.

Genesis 3:15, Matthew 13:1-, John 8:41-47, Revelation 12:1-4, 2 Thessalonians 2:1-8, Daniel 2:44


Terry Laws

Satan is fighting against the Church. We must stay focused on the truth to stay with Christ. Satan will try very hard to pull each one of us away from the truth. We each have to find our own witness to this truth otherwise we will not pass the test of time. We must make sure that the traditions of man does not come into the Church and pull people away from God.

Message 74:12-14, Genesis 3:15, Message 13:1-5, Message 25:9-14, Exados 23:23, Message 80:1-


Tuesday Afternoon

Chris Laws

There is only one truth and that is God’s truth. We must have faith to understand and start our walk with Christ. We must have faith of the truth of Christ. With faith comes belief grows into knowledge. Faith is what gives us the ability to see the truth of Christ. We must find the truth on our own. We cannot ride someone else hard to work to heaven. The truth can be found in the word, for the word is God and God is the truth. The truth is simple, faith, repentance, and baptism.

Alma 32:16-18, Hebrews 11:1, Message 9:49, Romans 8:24-25, Alma 5:15, 2nd Corinthians 13:5-8, Roman 2:4-11, Message 90:13, Message 51:1-5, 1st Nephi 13:39-42, Message 54:9, 1st John 5:3-9, John 14:1-21, Message 106:8


Norris Purifoy

God created heaven and earth. Even in the beginning there was good and evil. We must strive to follow the ways of the Lord and we will prosper. God is everywhere and we must strive to always follow his commandments and show his love. We must come to him through the door. We must only follow Christ’s commandments. We must strengthen each other in Christ.

Genesis 1:1-31, 2:1-25, 3:1-24, 4:1-7, Psalms1:1-6, Mormon 12:9-14, 9:1-8, John 1:6-8, Matthew 25:31-46, John 10:1-5, 1st Petter 2:21-25, 2nd Nephi 29:6-14, Matthew 17:10-13, 1st Nephi 22:20


Tuesday Night

Darrel Bellamy

We are created in God’s image. This means that we are like him in several ways. God has a plan for the earth and each one of us. He does a great many miracles, but the greatest thing that he did was give us the gospel. If we follow the flesh it leads us to spiritual death and condemnation. We must follow Christ with love. Christ is truth, and where he is liberty. Christ is Love.

1st Peter 1:16, Genesis 6:5-6, Matthew 25:31, Ephesians 1:4, Romans 8:28-29, Colossians 2:9-14, Romans 8:1, Galatians 5:16-18, John 14:16, 1st John 10:4

As day two of the Assembly wraps up we are very thankful of the blessings that have been poured out to us. Here is the recap from Monday.

If you are around or have free time feel free to click on and listen on your computer. We start at 9:00 AM, 2:00PM, and 7:00PM Central time. The link is

Monday Morning

Priesthood meeting

It is our job as the ministry to warn the people about the coming of Christ. It is our responsibility to take care of the membership. We need to be doing the Lords business. We have to make sure people see us doing the work for the Lord as an example for them to follow. We need to tell people the truth, not what they want to hear. We have to tell them truth in such a way that we do not push them away.

3rd Nephi 27:28-34, 3rd Nephi 20:27-3, 3rd Nephi 24, 2nd Thessalonians 2:7- 12, Ephesians 4:13-15, 2nd Corinthians 11:1-15


Word Study

Honest of heart. We must change when we come to God. If we stay on the gospel we will not fall away. We must follow the full gospel and just small parts.

Alma 5:6, 1Corinthians15:12-15, Message 108:8, 1st Thessalonians 4:13, 2nd Thessalonians 2:1-12


Monday Afternoon

Edward Coffey

We must build upon the solid foundation of Christ. God was there in the beginning and he is going to be there in the end. Only the truth of Christ will help us. We have to follow it and nothing else. We have to take the whole word, not just parts of it. Christ does not change and his word does not change. There are going be those that stumble, but we must stay with God. If we stay humble and full of Love we will make it through.

John 1:1, Matthew 7:21-29, Hebrews 12:25-29, Message 86:13, 35, Message 90:7, Ephesians 2:18-22, Message 37:4-7, Message 90:4-5, 9-11


Phil Meihls

We must be ready for Christ for his spirit to touch us. We must be humble and be looking for him; if we are not looking for him we won’t find him. Once we find Christ we have to stay on the written word of God. The word can be blunt and harsh, but it speaks the truth. Our journey is long and hard at times, but God will always be there if we stay with him.

Message 28:2-3, 1st Nephi 16:2, 2nd Nephi 31:19-21


Darren Bellamy

Forgiveness is an important part of our lives. As part of our walk with Christ we must forgive others like Christ forgives us. Forgiveness is the key to our mental health. Without forgiveness we cannot move on and grow. After forgiveness comes compassion and love. Everyone makes mistakes. It does not mean that we bad people, it just means that we need keep our eye on God and allow him to lead us. When we do makes mistakes it is nice to know that he will forgive us. The only way for us to have peace is through the Lord. Only he can give us the strength to keep us going.


Sunday Evening

Larry Gosier

We have to be clean before we can work for the Lord. The words of God are true. This includes the Bible, Record of the Nephites, and the Word of the Lord. We must be obedient to the word of God. If we are not obedient then we are not with God. If we walk away we must repent of our sins and come back to the Lord just like the beginning, through baptism. You need to choose this day who you are going to serve for there might not be a tomorrow. By being obedient the work of God moves forward. You must follow Christ and not a person. It is your responsibility to make sure what it taught matches the word of God.  If we keep his “sayings” his love will be perfected in us. In the end there will only be two churches, The Church of Christ and the Church of the Devil.

Galatians 3:1-5, Matthew 7:21-27, Message 37:6

As we start day two of the Assembly I wanted to give you a recap of what happened yesterday. If you are around or have free time feel free to click on and listen on your computer. We start at 9:00 AM, 2:00PM, and 7:00PM Central time. The link is


Sunday Morning.

Sacraments. We must prepare ourselves to receive Christ. This means being a member of the Church of Christ and striving to follow Christ.  We also had prayer and testimony.


Sunday Afternoon

Terry Laws

We have to follow God’s commandments. We cannot escape from God. He is everywhere. God wants a people who have had trials and tribulations. The people who are left after these trials are God’s people. These are the people that God wants. His people will follow him always and those who don’t will not be counted as God’s people. The gospel of Christ is to be taken to the world. The gospel is simple. Repent and be baptized. This is the only way to be saved. We must stay on the truth, the word of God. The arm of flesh can and will fail. But the arm of God will not fail. He must do God’s plan and not our own. For if we do our own we will fail in the end. God is and is going to do a great work on this earth with his people. He will guild us through the hard time and be there for us at the end.


Sunday Evening

Norm Lyles

What is our relationship with Christ? We each have to have a walk with Christ, but we are part of the Church family. We need to make sure that by following Christ’s teachings we are still about of the family. Parent’s responsibility is to teach children for what the children learn from the parents is how they shape their lives. We must stay with Christ or risk being separated from God. To start our walk or if you fall away baptism is the only way to wash away our sins and become clean.  We must not change God’s word or plan.


Message 94:17

Much good has come from this Assembly of the people of the Lord. I have been with you. Swing wide the gate—go forth, the truth is set before you.

If we come and meet at the assembly with love and humility in our hearts, the Lord will bless us in our lives. We need to take the opportunity after the assembly to use our new found energy and use it for the good of Christ. We need to take the things we learned and go out and tell the world about Christ.

Message 91: 41

Let the Assembly be conducted in peace and teaching the word. Let all learn this way more perfectly that they may give a reason for the hope in them in defending the words I bring.

One of the main purposes of the Assembly each year is for members to gather and learn about Christ and how we can implement his teachings into our lives. The word of God is our focus this next week as we all look into our own hearts to see where we can improve.

Message 86: 69

The Assembly is for the people to learn this great work and follow through. The work of the ministry is in the hands of the apostles—lead them aright.

The Assembly is a time that all can come together and learn from one another. This includes the teaching of Christ, but also the encouragement that comes with being with like minded people. The Assembly is a joyous event that has many benefits.