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Message 59:5-6

Preach repentance, and baptisms, that the honest of heart may come unto the Lord. This message is to all nations. Contend not over the evils of man, but send the message I bring to the ends of the earth. Many shall yet turn to serve the Lord with full purpose of heart. I have warned you, that you have no part in contention, for contention will darken the mind. Heed the instructions I bring and it will be well with you. As I speak to you I speak to all.

When working for the Lord we need to make sure that we are teaching his doctrine. This means that we should not argue over different points that are contentious, but work together to find out what God is saying. Only the truth can save us, not adding in our points of view.

Message 60:12

Gather in the assembly and cry unto the Lord. Let no evil come among you. The Lord will hear all those that repent and obey his will. Let your prayers be of the heart. Let not contention be found among you.

As we gather next week we need to keep our eye on the prize. This means that we must come to the assembly with a broken heart and contrite spirit. We cannot come to worship the Lord with contention in our hearts.

Message 57:11

Thus saith the Lord your God, ‘Let all be established in my doctrine, be not divided, be ye one in purpose, for I have designed the way. Oh ye my servants, I have called thee to be messengers of peace among my people. My love is unto you and I would have you love one another. Help ye one another and I will send deliverance unto you. My Spirit shall bless you if you will open your hearts to me. Bring my sheep into the fold for I shall be their King and all mankind shall know I have spoken. The words I speak, even by my messenger, must be obeyed. Hear my voice today.’

We have to follow Christ’s teachings and plan. We cannot add to or change it to fit our wants. In doing this we need do the work in a loving manor. We must work together for the greater goal of spreading the word of God.

Message 42:6

Repent ye that have erred and ye that are not right before God, for the church work is holy and it must be carried on under the just plan of the Lord. Let no contention come among you; they that contendeth against the word of the Lord contendeth selfishly to their woe. Let all ye servants be as one and great things shall come to pass that shall awaken many and hosts shall gather to learn the will of the Lord.

We must strive to stay on the straight and narrow path. God does not want people that do not follow his directions or commandments. He wants a people that are loving and work together doing his will. If we fall we must stand back up keep on our journey.

Message 57:12

The Lord will comfort all that come unto him, therefore be not troubled but lift up and rejoice, even all. Fail not lest the Lord turn to others; be overcomers in all things for Satan seeks to set thee at variance one with another. Let it not be so.

The Lord will be there for us. We are supposed to love each other and treat each other with respect. Satan tries to work into our lives bitter contention that will tear us apart and away from God. Don’t let this happen to you. Let us praise the Lord and the peace that he brings.