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Message 46:6

I come to give instructions. I come from the presence of the Lord. The words I speak are his words; the message I bring is his message for mankind. Will they heed it? Lo, he has waited long, yet many are slow to obey. Many are true and will yet be true. Many will fall by the way because they have not prepared for that which is to come, for great is the work that shall be done and the Lord will direct in his way all those that will heed his voice. He will provide and point the way.

John comes from the Lord’s presence. He does not come on his own accord. We need to take the words that he brings and follow them closely. Wither or not we listen is up to us, but if we don’t the results will not be pleasant. The directions are clear and direct. Our actions are the only variable.

Message 84:4-5

Be wise in works and humble in your talk and the Lord will direct in all things. When the fruit is ripe, then is the time to pluck. He that gathereth when the harvest is not ripe—it wasteth away and their labor is in vain.

We must follow the guidance of the Lord in all that we do. This includes both our work for the Lord and our daily lives. If we follow his lead we will see wonderful things. Apart of following the Lord is to stay humble. Humility is very important.