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Message 82:2

I have come to you from time to time, to instruct in the work being done, for the Church of Christ. I bring the warning. I proclaim the will of the Lord. I have brought the authority and it is among men. Some accept it, others reject it—nevertheless it is given, that the servants of the Lord may be filled with the Spirit of God. That they may take the message of the gospel to the nations of the earth. Keep it pure and holy.

The truth is the truth; wither you believe it or not. It is our responsibly to do the work of the Lord. To do this correctly we must follow the instructions that John brings. We must not change the instructions, but follow them as they are.

Message 64:2-3

Will the people heed the warning and obey the instructions I bring from the Lord, your God, that there may be a bride prepared and the way of deliverance established, that mankind may learn of the way of the Lord, his words, in these last days. The Lord has sent me with a message when the hearts of his people were bleeding. I have come to minister that comfort may come to all who will walk righteously in this way. All that I have brought and will bring comes from the Lord, your God.

God promised us that he would send a messenger to prepare the way before Christ’s second coming. Most people do not know where to look for such a messenger, if they even understand the coming of him. It is our responsibility to share the message to the world so that people can read it and be prepared. Will you follow the instructions from God?