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Message 93:3

The midnight cry is on. Hear, O ye ends of the earth. Come, the Spirit says, Come. The Lord and the word saith, Come all the way and deliverance will be yours. You will stand in holy places and inherit in the will of the Lord. The Kingdom and dominion shall be the inheritance of the humble and righteous.

Today is the day. Are you going to be ready for the midnight cry? There is only so much time for you to get yourself ready. You must find the truth and then act on it. Don’t wait until it is too late.

Message 86:13

Every tree the Lord has not planted shall be rooted up. If they hear not this message, the light they claim to have will fade away. This is the midnight cry the scriptures speak of—are you ready?

Will you listen to the word sent by God? You need act on if you believe.