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Message 31:9

Ye that name my name give thanks unto your Master; in so doing I will bless you that you will be a blessing, and bless others. Let my Spirit rule your lives. Be ye longsuffering. Be not as sounding brass and tinkling cymbal. Be filled with charity and let peace rule your minds and your lives. The fire of joy shall burn within you. Yea, the Lord will walk and talk with those that keep his law in fullness. Seek not the praise of men. Be not heady nor highminded. Seek to do good. A good tree cannot bear corrupt fruit, nor a corrupt tree, good fruit.

We must stay true to the word of God and allow him to shine through our actions. There will come a day when we are asked about the stuff we did and how we lived our lives. To be ready for that day we must act according to God’s wishes today. There is not time like the present to start.

Message 36:7

Behold, the Lord soon comes and I shall be with him when he comes to his temple that shall be built by a people of clean hands and pure hearts.

Only a people prepared for the work will be build the temple of the Lord. This is an important job, but not the most important one. We must first spread the gospel to the world and let the people know about Christ. When God is read for the temple, we will receive the instructions. But until then we should not worry about it.

Message 34:5

Behold, saith the Lord, a great work is to be done, and few there be that behold it. But the children of your God knoweth it, and heareth the will of the Father, for the Church of Christ shall receive her power to make ready her children, the Lamb’s bride, when he comes.

Christ’s church is not going to go away. It will be here for the second coming. There will be members that stay faithful though it all and will be able to witness this great and joyous event. It is our responsibility to prepare the world for it.

Message 91:3-5

My mission is, that the Church may be fully prepared at the Lord’s coming. I come to prepare a people, the Lord’s bride. Yea, let all hear what the Lord has commanded me to say. I have brought the authority of the holy priesthood and reiterated and affirmed it. Will you keep it sacred, that the work of God may be accomplished and salvation comes to the humble, those that are full of love and obey the will of the Lord? Fear not, for this is the Lord’s work. I have come to you. I have called other servants to help in this work, though they be few—yet a great work can be done. For the Lord of the vineyard shall labor also, that the work might be done, for it must go on in haste.

John’s mission is to help us prepare for the second coming of Christ. We all know that Christ will return some day. It is up to us to be ready. If we are able to work, God will help us accomplish what we need. We must all prepare ourselves and work in preparing each other.