The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
One-hundred Twenty First Message

The Messenger of the Lord appeared unto me at the Buracho Local in Kenya on September 29, 2018 at
5am and was with me a little over an hour.  I was sitting on a rock writing in my journal the events of the
past few days of our missionary effort in Uganda and Kenya.  It was just becoming slightly light enough for
me to see and write, when suddenly the Angel, John the Baptist, stood before me.  I, at first thought it was
a vision, until he reached in my pack, which was beside me, and handed me a writing pad and another pen
and commanded me to write the Message that he had brought unto me from the Lord Christ Jesus.  All my
doubts and fears vanished and a great peace came over me, as he moved his hand to my head.
 He wore a robe of white, and appeared to be about six foot tall, and perhaps 30 years of age, with a beard
and hair down to his shoulder.  Most noticeable were his eyes, which seemed to pierce my very soul and
his appearance seemed to radiate light.  His voice was deep and seemingly kind.
-- Norman Lyles

1)    I have come to you from the Lord, from His Presence. Write what I shall give you to instruct the direct the
Work of the Lord. Fear not the words of men whose hearts are carnal and seek their own glory. It is Satan who
has sought to destroy the Work and Word of God. I am the resurrected John the Baptist, the Messenger of the
2)    I have come unto you with the Word of the Lord. A message unto the people of God. You are to give it to
your brethren and the Church.
3)    With hold not the Word of the Lord from His People; for the Lord hath sent His Messenger with words of life
for the people of the Lord.
4)    I have come unto you with the Word and Will of the Lord. There are those who have spoken words not from
the Lord; appointing and purporting to call men into the ministry; yet they are like vessels empty of water;
pouring out death upon the Altar of God. Calling men unto offices and responsibility that only God can call and
ordain. Their prophecy shall come to naught and leave the flock in darkness and desolation.
5)    I am come to you with living water, with the Authority and Power of God. I am the Elijah, the Messenger of
the Lord’s Covenant; sent by the Lord to purge and cleanse His ministry and purify the Lord’s Church and
6)    Even as the Lord hath turned the wilderness into living water and dry ground into water springs; thus the
Lord has sent me to bring forth His Word to purge away the sins of men and turn man unto God and cause thy
face to shine in the light of salvation.
7)    Once again the Lord has sent me to bring His Message, after breaking His silence: brought forth because
of His anger at the actions of evil men, who sought to take authority and power which belongs only to God.
8)    The Lord has allowed heresies to be among you; that they, which are approved may be manifest among
you. Thus the Lord accepts the Authority and ministry and Apostleship of Darrel Bellamy, Norman Don Lyles,
Larry Gosier Williams, and Terry Laws; who have remained faithful unto His Message, His Word and His
Doctrine. The Lord has witnessed the efforts of His servants and has blessed their faithfulness throughout the
world; prospering the Church of Christ with the Elijah Message and allowing it to grow and be built upon His
9)    The Lord is pleased with those whose faith has been tested even as Job. They have held to His Standard
and the Work has been recorded in heaven.
10) Let those who have fallen away from the message of the Lord – Repent quickly and return; being baptized,
lest their names be removed from the book of life.
11) The time of darkness, trial, and deception has passed and now is the time of refreshing. Come ye unto the
living water and be healed. I have brought a message some will reject it, some will accept it; never the less, the
Words are from the Lord. It will bring happiness and peace to those accepting, and destruction to those that
reject it.
12) The Lord has heard the cries of the people and answers this day, even to the salvation of His people and
His Church; and has sent me to bring forth a refreshing and Unity.
13) The harvest is white, thus the need for more laborers to aid in the Lord’s Work. Thus, when these come
this way, let them be ordained as Elders: Douglas Sirengo and Tom Kalam. Baptize them and let them learn
the Doctrine of Christ.
14) Let these be ordained as Evangelists: David Beck, Jeremy Laws, Ronald Nganga, Keith Harrison, and
Tony Davis, when he comes all the way.
15) Let these be added to the Apostles: Robert Beck of Germany, Timothy Gosier, Darren Bellamy, Peter
Wekesa Simiyu of Africa, Edward Coffey, Fred Mikangi of Africa, and Roger Simpson of the Philippines.
16) The Lord is pleased with the work of Josphat Wanjala, Tom Matakwa, Joseph Juan, Jerry Juan, and Amos
17) It is the Lord’s Will these be ordained as Bishops: Chris Laws, Gary Doudy, Bill Holden, and John Githinji
of Africa. Let Jai Singh of India prepare to be a Bishop, and the Lord will use him to be a blessing to many. The
Lord has seen the humility and the heart of Scott Lyles; let him be restored as Bishop in the Church of Christ
with the Elijah Message.
18) The Work in the foreign fields has been pleasing unto the Lord, and is held in due respect: the work of
Edward Coffey, Apostle Norman Don Lyles, and Apostle Larry Gosier Williams. Therefore, let Apostle Norman
Don Lyles and Apostle Larry Gosier Williams continue to cover the work in the foreign fields.
19) Let all be repentant receive the Authority I bring from the Lord God. The Lord has seen the repentance of
Sonny Dimicali and thus calls him as an Evangelist to labor in the Philippines.
20) Let Emmanuel Dimincali be ordained to the responsibility as a Disciple in the Philippines.
21) In time, in the days ahead, the Lord will fill His Quorums, as men prepare and prove themselves worthy;
even among those who return to the Lord’s Church and are repentant and are baptized.
22) Behold this is Christ’s Church and shall be His Bride, the Remnant. The message has been given, the
Authority is certain and the Lord’s Work must go on.
23) It is Christ’ Words that will judge all men. It is Christ’s Blood that must wash and cleanse all men. It is
Christ’s Words in the Bible, the Record of Nephites, and the Word of the Lord, I bring that shall be your rule and
guide. Heed not the prophecies of man and man made doctrines and traditions that will lead men astray.
24) I have come to you with peace and will come again as the Lord Commands and as the needs of the
people come up before the Lord. Amen.