The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
One-hundred Twenty Second Message

The Messenger of the Lord appeared unto me in Kitale, Kenya on October 23, 2018 at 12:45pm and was with me over an
hour. He appeared unto me and placed his hand upon my shoulder and smiled bringing within me a peace and feeling of
calmness. He was dressed as before and the same radiance came forth from His being and His Spirit and voice brought
forth unto me an understanding that he was more than any human could ever possess.

1) Behold, again I come to give instruction unto the Church. I come as the Lord hath appointed. The Lord will
comfort all that come unto Him.
2) The Lamp of the Lord has come forth unto those upon the earth to search out the souls of men. He
discovereth the deep things of the heart of men, and bringeth them forth to free them from the shadow of death.
3) The Lord will touch the hearts of the honest and bring them to find joy and life in doing His Will and in
obedience to His Word.
4) Be humble and obedient to the Lord’s Instructions as you study deeply His Words in the Bible, the Record of
Nephites, and the Word of the Lord I bring from His Presence. You shall find peace and security and freedom
from darkness of this world.
5) Let all be at peace with all men and carry unto them this Message in love and humility.
6) Great changes in this world have come as I have told you; therefore, take unto them the Word of life that their
souls may be spared the destruction to come upon the earth.
7) You see the confusion among the churches and the governments ruled by men with evil means; closing
doors once opened and the oppression of the children of God.
8) The Lord is a God of knowledge; by Him are actions weighed. Have you heard the secrets of God? Behold,
what He breaketh down, cannot be built up. He shall shut the mouth of kings and cause empires to be broken
down and dissolved, for none can match the Power of What He Wills done.
9) The Lord has broken the seals and the Tribulation of the Churches has been let. The pale horse is bringing
forth destruction upon destruction. Soon shall be the Great Tribulation such as the earth hath not seen before.
10)Let each of us search our ways and turn again unto the Lord. Lift up our hearts and the work of our hands
unto the Lord in Heaven. He hath kept us from the hewn stone and built our faith upon the Corner Stone.
11) As new locals are established in the United States: seek out and ordain men of honest report and filled
with the Holy Spirit and His Doctrine, to guide them and move the Work of God forward. Seek out and build new
locals in the nation of America.
12) The Lord hath said, I will bringeth good on them that abide in His Word. Therefore, the Lord calls Yohana
Joramu as a Disciple in Tanzania. The Lord calls to the responsibility of evangelist: Wilbad Abdaca and Paulo
Nzumbe to labor among their brethren in Tanzania. His Spirit will be upon them in great measure to overcome
the evil in that land.
13)  Up ye servants of the Lord! Bring forth the warning: the midnight cry. Awaken the virgins and prepare them
for the wedding of the Lord.
14) The Lord is pleased with those who have stepped forward, taking up their calling and put on the armor of
God. He shall anoint and bless them with power from on high and with His Spirit. He shall let His Light, His
Understanding, and His Word go forth before them as in the days of old.
15) To my servants in Africa: thus saith the Lord, “I will plant you in your land and set my seal upon you for your
protection. Before you stands an open door.”
16) To my servants in the Philippines and India: My Grace and Word shall go before you and awaken many.
You shall prosper as you go forth among the people and the Lord’s Light shall go before you.
17) To my servants in Germany: Disciple Marks and Apostle Beck—the Lord knoweth your trials. He knoweth
your hearts and the battle before you. Be of good cheer, for He shall let His Hand be upon you and will labor
with you. As the indignation begins, He shall hide you with His Hand and His Grace.
18) With the Lord is counsel and understanding. Who would counsel the Lord? Who would tell Him how and
when to speak? Where were you when He brought forth the heavens? Where were you when He directed the
wind to blow and the waters to spring forth? Does man have the mind of God? Man cannot command God how
and when to speak.
19) The Lord commanded you not to withhold the Word from His people. In your obedience to His command,
the Lord is pleased with you and shall bless you. His people are thirsting for the living water that flows from the
throne of God and the Lamb. His people shall be blessed and receive instruction and direction from His
Message unto the children of God. Light and life shall once more again flow freely to His Church.
20) Worry not what those slow to understand and to heed, for in time their minds shall be enlightened and
peace shall rule their lives and to all who rejoice at my coming.
21) As the Servants continue their journey unto Europe; go forth with joy and love as you carry unto them the
words of life in His Word. That continent is in great need and the Lord knows those that will accept and those
that will reject, never the less go in humility and in love.
22) In the days ahead plan to send an Apostle to the Philippines to ordain Roger Simpson to the responsibility
of an Apostle, that the quorum may function as the Lord hath designed and directed. Do not delay in this and
the Lord will bless.
23) I am John the Baptist resurrected, the Elijah, the Messenger of the Covenant, sent to refine and purge His
ministry from the doctrines of men and the traditions of man. This is my work. Who can claim more than this?
24) Give the Message to the brethren, the church----Publish the Message and place it with the rest in the book:
The Word of the Lord; that all may know I have spoken the Lord’s Words to all nations, tongues, and people. I
will return until Christ returns for His Bride: The Church of Christ with the Elijah Message. Amen.

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