The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
One-hundred Twenty Third Message

The Messenger of the Lord; the resurrected John the Baptist, appeared to me in my home in Grand Junction, Colorado at 6:
20pm January 23, 2019. He was with e for approximately forty-five minutes. He spoke calmly and with authority; stopping
at one point to add words, which I had omitted. As he finished giving me the message and was about to depart he exhorted
me to use wisdom with my health and told me the Lord shall protect me.

1)  Behold, I come from the presence of the Lord. I am sent to bring His Message. I come not of myself, for the
Lord has sent me to prepare His people for His soon coming. My message is that the work of the Lord might
go unto the ends of the earth. All who obey shall be blessed.
2)  Incline your hearts unto the Lord and walk in His ways. There hath not failed one word of His promises unto
His people. He will not leave you, nor forsake you as you keep His commandments and His statutes. His
judgments shall not fail.
3)  There are those that have stumbled at a word, leaving them in darkness at noonday. See the blessing they
could receive in attending services and carrying His Word among the people; yet, they seek to live as an island
unto themselves—failing to assemble themselves with those believing and seeking fellowship. The Lord shall
reprove them.
4)  The Lord is gracious and merciful. He will not turn His face from you, if you will return unto Him. The way of
truth is set firm and the Lord will have His way with all. Shape your lives by the words I bring from the throne of
God, and it will bring peace and deliverance. I speak His Words and His Words are just.
5)  Thus saith the Lord, “I stand at the door and knock: if a man heareth My Voice and open the door, I will come
unto him and bring forth understanding and blessings. The time of the anointing is here and soon I shall pour
out My Spirit in great measure.”
6)  The Lord is pleased with the humility and work of Apostle Robert Beck and Apostle Roger Simpson in the
Philippines, and knows full well the burdens they have endured. Let the unity continue among the disciples as
they labor to serve the people in the Philippines.
7)  The righteous shall hold unto His word and His Way. He that hath clean hands and a pure heart shall come
to understanding and know the strength of the Lord. If thou will be pure and upright; the Lord will make His
habitation with thee.
8)  The Lord rejoices for those who have remained faithful. He is pleased with the counsel and unity of the
Apostles and Bishops. The work of Apostle Darrel Bellamy is held in deep respect and honor.
9)  Let the leaders in each nation understand the needs of the flock, and fed those who are seeking the Lord
and His Word. Now is the time to move forth among the people in this nation. Bring unto them the light, the
truth, and eternal life in Christ. Great is the need to bring forth Christ’s Words among those who are wandering
in darkness and the false doctrines of man.
10) Who shall go and who shall the Lord send to bring forth truth unto His people? I have called the servants
and given the authority to help in this work; though they be few, even yet a great work can be done. Where are
those who will be up and doing, qualifying themselves to be leaders.
11) Submit yourselves unto the ordinances of the Lord; for His ordinances endureth forever.
12) There are many seeking to bring forth restoration and earnestly desire to fulfill the Lord’s Will. Indeed they
understand the need for restoration. They are waiting with open minds and honest hearts. The Lord reaches
out unto them by sending of His Messenger. His Words are true and the authority he brings is directly from the
throne of God. Let them come forward and receive the Lord’s blessings and authority, which the Lord has
commanded I bring to mankind.
13) The Lord hath appointed me to bring His Message. I am the messenger of the covenant. I am John the
Baptist. I was resurrected after the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the covenant. He is
the truth, the light, and the way. He has sent me with His instructions, with His directions, and His authority.
Who is man to claim more than this? Will men hear and remain faithful unto His Word?
14) Let the Bishops understand the needs of the people, both physical and spiritual. Great is the work before
them. Christ has set their work before them and He shall grant unto them His strength and wisdom to
accomplish it.
15) Let all pay their tithes that the Bishops may have the means to pour out blessings upon the work of the
Lord and His people.
16)   Oh, that men would praise the Lord for His goodness and for His miracles among His Children. Let all
exalt Him in the congregation.
17)      The Lord has heard the cries of His people and sent forth again His Message, to comfort and bless His
children. He hath broken the gates and bonds of the devil and delivered them from destructions. He hath
satisfied the longing soul and filled the hungry soul with goodness. Blessed be the Lord forever.
18)  There is work at home, among the nations and the need is everywhere: let it be filled.
19)  Plan to print the book, the Word of the Lord in the near future, as soon there will be a need for more books
in this nation. Let the Assured Way continue to reach out unto the nations, that all may be blessed and
encouraged. Let Apostle Edward Coffey labor as editor and have him appoint those to assist him as is needed.
20)  As you read the Message, read also the words of Christ in the Bible. Read often the words of Alma in the
Record of Nephites---for the same Lord caused they be written. The Lord has spoken and it shall come to
pass. This nation shall be cleansed, and then it shall be Zion.
21) Give this Message to the brethren and the church. I shall return as the need be and the Lord commands.
May the peace of the lord be with all. Amen