The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
One-hundred Twenty Fourth Message

The Messenger of the Lord appeared to me at 3pm March 22, 2019. I was reviewing baptismal forms and blessing forms
which I had received from the printer, when he came up my stairs into my living room. He wore his same robe and the light
of the resurrection shown round about him.
 He smiled at me and said he was pleased the Lord had spared my life and given me strength. He handed me a writing
tablet and told me he had come from the presence of the Lord with a message for the Church and I was to write as he
 When he had finished I felt very weak and overcome with emotion and he smiled and said I had been visited while I was
in the hospital and anointed me. He told me the Lord knew full well my affliction and had kept His word to preserve me. He
told me to be at peace and remain faithful unto the task, which I had been appointed.
 As I sat reading the words that had been given, once again I was overcome with Spirit and gave thanks unto our Lord who’
s Mercy and goodness He has imparted to each of us. I pray all who read His Message and His Words may understand the
great love the Lord has for each of us.

1) Behold, my fellow servant, I have come unto you when your body is weak and Satan has sought to destroy your body. He
knows the hour is late and darkness is gripping this nation and the world.
2) I am the messenger of the Lord. I am that Prophet, the risen John the Baptist. The Lord has sent me with words of warning and
love for His people who are in need.
3) Hear ye nations and repent, for the Lord shall not spare those who continue to do evil. Men’s hearts and tongues are filled
with evil. The eyes of mankind are filled with lust and greed, and charity is nowhere to be found.
4) Satan has done his work, creating greed and strange desires among men and women. Repent ye who have become hardened
and forgotten the law of God. He abhors those that shed innocent blood.
5) Know the Lord thy God. He is faithful unto those who knoweth and keepeth His Word. He is merciful and shall hideth His
people who abideth in Him and faithful with His Power to shield His people from the wrath to come.
6) The Lord has called for men to come to the wedding. He hath not spoken in secret. Have ye eyes of flesh and seeth as a man
seeth? Some have said: my doctrine is pure and I am clean in mine eyes; yet God would speak and open your eyes. Who is man
to speak the Will and Mind of God?
7) Nothing is hidden from the Lord. Night and day are the same unto God. His lamp searcheth the souls of all men and desires,
the thoughts, and plans that move them.
8) Soon the Lord’s people shall gather for a solemn assembly. Many have faced trials and sorrows. Many are longing and
praying for answers and desiring to do His Will. The Lord knows those who’s faith and trust are rooted in Him. He holds their
prayers near unto Him and shall answer with love and power.
9) The Lord has seen those with great burdens, yet holding firm to the Work and the faith. He has seen your trials and carried you
through your trials and Satan’s fury to destroy your body. Remain steadfast and His love shall carry your through your burdens
and your afflictions.
10)  Let the Church understand the Will of the Lord. The Lord is God of all and all He alone has created. It is His will, the
Church: His believers are one and not divided by boundaries, oceans, or traditions. Let the leaders be as one.
11)  Behold, as you seek to labor in love and in unity, He shall labor among you and His people: the church, shall prosper. Let
them understand the warnings and the promised destruction, which shall come for the wicked, the disobedient, and doubters; as
well as the promises for the faithful.
12)  As you prepare for the assembly, sanctify yourselves with repentance and in His Word and come forth in unity and in love.
His Spirit shall bless all who come forward in humility, seeking His Will.
13)  Behold the Lord knoweth them that serve Him, and know His Will, and seek to establish His Word. Deliverance shall come
and the faithful shall stand. In the end every tongue will confess the Christ and rejoice in His glory. Fear not, for there is reward
for those who endure to the end.
14)  Give this message to the brethren, to the church, and to all the earth, that they will know I have spoken. I leave peace with
you and unto all who shall call upon the Lord Jesus Christ. I shall return as the Lord Commands. Amen