The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
One-hundred Twenty Fifth Message

The Messenger of the Lord, the Elijah, the resurrected John the Baptist, appeared to me in my home on June 7th, 2019 at 1:
20 in the afternoon. I was studying and preparing for the coming general Assembly of the Church of Christ with the Elijah
Message later this month. For several days I had felt the Spirit of the Lord in great measure and felt the Messenger John
the Baptist would come soon.
 He opened my front door and came up the stairs into my living room, as I sat reading my Bible on the sofa. He smiled and
greeted me in the Lord. My tablet was on the sofa beside me as I was taking notes from the Scriptures. He took my tablet
and turned a page and told me to write the Message He had brought from the Lord Jesus Christ.
  He was with me until 2:30 in the afternoon. His entire being seemed to almost glow and He spoke in a deeper voice than
mortal men. His eyes seemed to pierce my very soul, yet his very presence set my heart at peace.
He said some things to me of a personal nature not written here, to guide me and prepare me for the time that is ahead.
  As I sat reading the Message, trying to absorb the details of it, I felt the importance of the moment and it left me weak and
I sought the Lord in prayer for strength and understanding of the Words I had been given. I pray all who read this Message
will understand and realize how merciful and gracious the Lord is to each of us.

1) I have come to you from the throne of God. He has sent me; I come not of myself. I am Elijah whom the Lord
hath promised. I am the messenger of the covenant. Write the message I will give, for great is the
responsibility I shall give you. I give words of encouragement and peace for the children, for the Church of
2) See those who have taken up their calling and are laboring with honor and humility. These are good men
and the Lord holds them in high esteem. His Spirit will overshadow them and give them wisdom and strength
that comes only from God.
3) The Lord has blessed the work of the hands of the faithful, and knoweth the steps of the faithful. He has
blessed those who have gone forth among the people of all nations. He will not withhold His Blessing from
those who will continue to go forth even in this nation, which He has blessed above all nations and will set
forth His Temple in the days to come.
4) The Lord honors and is pleased with the Disciples and Vice Bishops in the Philippines, India, Kenya,
Uganda, Tanzania, and Germany. Let them continue their efforts and labor in humility and Unity. The Spirit of
God will be with them in great measure.
5) The Lord knows those who have prepared their hearts and souls for the Assembly. Rejoice, for the Lord will
manifest His Spirit among those who have prepared for the coming Assembly of the Lord’s Church. The Lord
is pleased with the handmaidens throughout the world, who have helped in translations, and insured the
funds have gone to the needy; let them continue in their good work.
6) The Lord is aware of the needs throughout the world. There is a need in Nova Scotia for the Word to be
taught and preached among the people there. In time the Lord will call two men to journey to that area. Let
them prepare and set their homes in order, that nothing will prevent them from carrying the Word with the
strength and power of the Lord. Who has prepared? Who is praying and ready to carry the Word and Plan of the
7) There will soon be a need for two men to labor and Assist Apostle Beck, Disciple Marks, and Evangelist
Oleg with the work in Europe. God will send His Messenger to call those who will go for a time to aid and
encourage the Work on that continent. The Lord will provide safety and protection and His Spirit to guide those
who will go forth in Unity and love.
8) Where are those who are laboring to create locals in America? Let the quorums understand the needs
within America and seek to provide missionary help to reach out to those in desperate need of the Word and
His Spirit. Behold the harvest is white, yet the laborers are few and a great work is before them. It is time to
preach repentance and baptism, for men need to be cleansed and find eternal life in the Lord. Let the work
continue in all places. Let those who are willing, take the message to this nation and the world, come forward
and prepare to step forward in faith, for this is a time of haste and the saints need to be gathered. Be not
dismayed or discouraged, for the battle is not yours, but God’s.
9) The Lord has witnessed the faith and humility of Norris Purifoy and his desire to be about that, which is
pleasing unto the Lord. Let him be ordained as a Bishop in the Church of Christ with the Elijah Message. God
will lift him up and guide him as he seeks to labor in unity with his brothers.
10) The Lord has long noticed the struggles and faithfulness of His Servant Apostle Larry Gosier Williams. Let
him be encouraged and continue in his efforts on the radio, as his effort is pleasing unto the Lord. The Spirit of
the Lord shall be upon him.
11) Behold, the Lord hath created mankind in His Own Image. He hath given unto them the ability to reason, to
build, to understand, and affect the world in which they live. The Lord has given unto man the ability to create:
however mankind has taken these gifts and used them not for good, rather for evil. Mankind has traveled into
space and the depths of the ocean, and learning the secrets of healing the body, which the Lord has created.
Mankind however, has used these gifts of creation for destruction. Mankind has taken the creation of life,
wherein the lord has given sight, hearing, and a heart that beats and provides life for the body, which contains
the soul, which the Lord hath created and sought to cast aside those gifts, and shed innocent blood;
destroying the soul, while yet it abides in the womb which God hath made to support and nurture the soul
which God hath made. Mankind has cast it all aside, instead seeking to ignore the Lord’s Creation and
claimed their own will more important than all, which God has created. This is an abomination before the Lord.
12) The Lord Himself has walked among His own showing them the way and Word and has imparted unto
man the ability to impart it unto others who have not heard or received the Way and the Word of the Lord. He
has given unto man the responsibility to impart the Word and lead mankind to life and Salvation. Yet, even still
there are those who stand still at noonday, while yet there is light and time to carry the Word providing salvation
unto mankind. Where is the love? Why stand ye still, while yet it is day and the Power of God has been
imparted to those who will humble themselves to reach out unto the lost? Where is the urgency to be obedient
unto the Will and calling of the Lord Jesus Christ? The Lord has given His Promise and His Power and His
Spirit will remain with the faithful.
13) Be not lifted up in the pride of your hearts. Set not your hearts upon the riches and vain things of this world.
Remember the Spirit of God will not dwell in unholy temples, neither can anything unclean and filthy enter into
the Kingdom of God. See the Lord and humble yourselves before Him that your garments may be spotless,
even as the garments of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob were spotless.
14) He that is contrary in the doctrine of Christ, will find rejection and the wrath of God. Do not be deceived,
neither the darkness of night, nor the wealth of this world can hide your actions and your thoughts from the
Lord. Incline thy ear, and hear; open thy eyes that thou might see, and set thy heart to receive that which the
Lord is speaking today.
15) Soon the Lord shall break in pieces the mighty men without number, and set others in their stead. The
Lord shall strike them as wicked men in open sight of all men. Nations shall clamor for peace; yet there shall
be no peace, even as the Lord hath warned you: the pale horse has been let to bring destruction upon
16) Hear ye the people of the Lord, thus saith the Lord, ‘I say unto you that if were not for the prayers uttered by
the righteous of the world, ye would even now be visited with utter destruction. It would have been for each of
you as in the days of Noah, had not their prayers reaching up unto the courts of heaven, and His patience and
Mercy been extended unto each of you.’ Many have prayed for you and the prophets of old longed to see this
day in which you live.
17) The Lord knows the heart of Apostle Terry Laws and knows of his desire to do the Work of the Lord. Let him
be encouraged and uplifted. Let there be no doubt within his heart and mind, for the Lord will honor his efforts
and give him strength and understanding for that which is before him.
18) Soon the Lord will fill the Quorum of Apostles. Let each who are called and ordained, set their homes and
lives in order. God will provide and guide. God understands and knows the needs of the homes and families,
as they prepare themselves and their homes; He will grant unto them wisdom.
19) Peace like a river shall flow among the faithful. Those who have struggled with health and trials of this
world, and have known the sorrow of the loss of loved ones, shall soon find a time of rejoicing and renewing of
hope, for the Lord is merciful.
20) There are many who are seeking the will and plan of God in their lives. Their love for the Word and the Lord
are not for naught, as the Lord is mindful of these and answers their prayers and faith. Therefore the Lord
answers and calls them to come forward leaving the past behind and walk in the path of Christ receiving
baptism in the Church of Christ with the Elijah Message, and taking up their calling of the Lord. Let Jeff
Runyard, Paul Martin, Nick Weinrich, and Cesar A. Irizarry-Rivera come forward through the waters and be
ordained as Elders. The Lord will pour out His Spirit in great measure as they come in humility and obedience
unto the Lord.
21) The Lord has sent His instruction and warnings before His people as they gather in a solemn assembly.
He has kept His promises. His promises do not fail and He will bless them as they come forward in humility.
22) The Lord has sent me with this message from His Throne. This is my work, for this cause I was
resurrected and commanded to carry this message unto His Church. Give it unto the brethren and unto the
Church. Place the message in the book the Word of the Lord and send it to the world that all may know the
Lord has sent His Word among the nations. I shall be with Christ when He returns. Let the people of the Lord
be at peace and secure in their salvation. I will come again as the Lord commands. Amen