The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
One-hundred Twenty Seventh Message

The Messenger of the Lord, the resurrected John the Baptist appeared to me this day October 2, 2019, at six pm in my
home in Grand Junction, Colorado.
My room was filled with the light of his Presence and remained within my home for some time after his departure. He was
with me for over an hour. He spoke with authority, pausing as I wrote his words. His presence brought within me a peace
and filled my heart with joy. He encouraged me once again to continue to be aware of all his words of personal advice he
had said unto me of a personal nature. He told me the Lord would strengthen me for the labors which the Lord would
require of me. He said the Lord was not finished with my labors overseas and in this nation and would grant me strength for
the days ahead.
As he turned to leave, he said, “be of courage for the lord is with thee and shall uphold thee.” And smiled as he departed.

1)  Behold my fellow servant, I have come unto you from the presence of the Lord, from the courts of heaven.
Glory and Honor be unto God whom is the author and finisher of all things. I am the Elijah, sent to make
straight the ways of mankind. I am That Prophet. This is the midnight cry, prepare and make His Paths straight.
I am sent to cleanse, purify, and bring forth guidance unto the Lord’s Church.
2)  The Message I bring unto you is concise and in your language that there can be no doubt. I bring directions
at the Lord’s command to warn and prepare men to meet the Lord.
3)  Know ye not that ye are in the Hands of God? Know ye not that He hath all power, and His Commandments
and His Will has no bounds and shall never fail!
4)   The Lord hath designed and given unto each of His Ministry their responsibilities. The Lord’s house is a
house of order. He has given unto the Apostles their charge and placed them to lead His Church, having a
special witness. He has given the Bishops great responsibility to look to the needs of the Church and to labor
under the direction of the Twelve Apostles. The Apostles are in subjection to the Lord and His Commandments.
5)  Tithing has been a law since the time of Cain and Able. Tithing is a matter of love and demonstrated
obedience given unto the Lord willingly as obedient children; showing forth their humility before the Lord. The
Lord will bless the faithful and they shall not want.
6)  All of the tithes belong to the Lord. He has given unto the world all they have; without His Grace and His
Love, nothing exists. He has given unto the Bishops to oversee and look to the needs of the people and His
Church. Let the bishops lead by example through paying their own tithes, for if they do less they cannot lead or
expect the Lord’s blessings in their lives or for the flock.
7)   Let all understand the Lord’s Will and His commandments in His Laws. Let all understand and obey the
Articles of Faith and Practice.
8)   Let those who desire to carry the Word unto the nations prove themselves through their labors in the land,
which the Lord has blessed them to live within. Let them understand the Will and Plan of the Lord, which He
has sent unto His people in this day and this time.
9)  Long the Lord has waited for obedience to that which He has directed. He is true to His promises. He has
made the way before those whom He sends and peace will follow the steps of the men who go forth in
obedience and in humility unto the Lord’s commands. As I speak to you, I speak to all who will hear the words
of truth and salvation, bringing victory and deliverance.
10)  The Lord has witnessed the faith of those who have endured much and moved among those in their
homelands. Be not afraid, for the Lord is with you and shall uphold you in the face of your enemies and grant
unto you His Power and His Protection. Fear in nothing, neither be confounded or ashamed, for thy Maker is
the Lord of Hosts and thy Redeemer is the Holy One of Israel.
11)   The Lord will honor and bring forth success as Apostle Fred Mikangi and Apostle Peter Wekesa Simiyu,
journey to the nation of Malawi, spreading the Gospel into that great nation. Let the General Church Bishopric
provide support for the journey and for their families. The Lord shall gather the willing and breathe upon them
by His Spirit and with soul winning power.
12)  The Lord has witnessed the great need in Europe, and the storm clouds overshadowing the eastern
nations of that great continent. Even yet there are men of courage and willingness who stand ready to move the
Lord’s Work forward and sound the warning. Unto these, shall the Lord send forth His ministry to open their
eyes and hearts to the Word of the Lord and unto His Will and Plan.
13)   It is the Lord’s Will that Bishop John Githinji of Kenya and Apostle Terry Laws of America, plan to journey
to Europe to assist the work on that continent, working in unity with Apostle Robert Beck, as he provides the
guidance for the needs in Europe. Let them also, along with Apostle Beck journey to England and help Michael
Stephan Clarke become part of the Lord’s Church and Work in England. It important those coming to assist
Apostle Robert Beck, labor as one in unity. Let them use wisdom and be saving in their travels and in their
lives, remembering the needs of the people.
14)   Let the Word be taught in its completeness that men will find redemption and the joy of the Lord. Only
those filled with the Truth of the Word and who are pure in heart and humble before the Lord shall be able to
stand and do the Lord’s Work.
15)  You have witnessed the doubts of men filled with the pride of their own wisdom, and heard their words
justifying their doubts seeking to darken the minds of others. Their words are as dust in the water springs of
the Lord. The Lord has spoken and sent forth His Messenger and His Words shall stand. Hear ye, and give
ear; be not proud: for the Lord hath spoken.
16)  The Lord has spoken by the prophets and multiplied visions, and sent forth His Messenger to guide His
people. His promises have never failed, and His Church still stands a light unto the world for those in need. Be
of courage and hold fast to the Lord’s Words in the Bible, the Record of Nephites, and the Message, which the
Lord has sent unto the earth in this world today.
17)   Praise the Lord who giveth rain in the latter days upon the earth, and causes water springs within the
deserts of mankind, who pant in thirst for the living water of the Lord. He will not neglect His people, nor forget
his promises unto His Church.
18)  The Spirit and the Bride say come. Let him that heareth say come. Let him that is athirst come. Let all who
will obey and walk therein take freely of the water of life. The Lord has broken the bands of death and brought
forth His Salvation and redemption through His Sacrifice upon the cross of Calvary. His Spirit is calling unto all
men to come unto life and life everlasting.
19)   The Lord Christ Jesus has sent His Message unto you my fellow servant and you must give it unto His
Ministry, His Church, and unto the World. Peace be unto all and I shall return as the Lord commands. Place the
Lord’s Words in this Message with the others in the Book the Word of the Lord, as His Words are truth from the
first Message to His Servant Otto Fetting, through this Message I have brought unto you today. Amen.