The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
One-hundred Twenty Eighth Message

The Spirit of the Lord awakened me a bit before three in the morning on March 20th, 2020 and I went upstairs to my living
room to pray for my brothers who were laboring in Europe for the Lord. My concern was great for these brothers due to the
Pandemic, which had become crisis level in Europe and really world-wide.
As I was praying the Messenger of the Lord appeared in my living room and laid his hand upon my shoulder as I was
Behold he said, the Lord is mindful of thee and knoweth the needs of thy brothers.
He said the Lord had told us of the pale horse had been let upon the earth and now we were witnessing the power and
destruction, sickness and death of this plague.
Let the brothers return to their homes for a time and then return on their journey, as it becomes more safe. Let all know the
timing of the Lord is not the timing of man. The Lord has opened doors, however the destruction of the pale horse must
awaken the people and have his hour as well.
Everything I have brought unto you is transpiring and you must seek the Lord to understand His timing.
Now write the message I shall give you as the Lord as waited for your strength to be sufficient to receive it.

Apostle Norman D. Lyles

1)   Behold, I have come unto you as the Lord hath appointed. This is the day wherein the light of the Lord
beams unto His children, even in power from God. I am sent to bring forth His Word, and it must be obeyed.
The Spirit of peace will come upon all who obey and do the Lord’s Will.
2)    I am the promised Elijah, sent to cleanse and purify the ministry that they would offer an offering of
righteousness unto the Lord. It is the Words of the Lord that shall cleanse and bring forth a sanctification within
the Church, allowing the bride to be adorned in white at the coming of the groom, the Christ, unto His Church.
3)   God is not a man, is not capable of a lie. He is not human, does not change His mind. Has He ever failed
to keep His Word? Is there ever a promise He has not carried through? Praise Him for His faithfulness trust
Him for His Mercy, and rejoice in His goodness.
4)  Worry not about the things, which you have no control: Let not despair and contention come upon you. I have
come unto you when you are weak in body and discouraged over things which you have no control. Behold, the
Lord God hath supported thee in times of trouble and persecution; and hath lifted thee from the depths of
despair. He knows your heart and your thoughts even before you cry out unto Him.
5) Let humility be your mantle. Let patience guide your thoughts. Do not fear those who are slow to understand
and to follow the Word, for in time the truth will awaken the sleeper and the Word shall manifest its truthfulness
in power.
6) Many in this nation are trembling in fear and falling into division, as they seek to entrust men with
responsibility to lead and direct the political fortunes which seem to control the nation; however failing to seek
the Lord to rule and over rule in such matters. Men are running to and fro, seeking their own will and ideas, and
failing to place all in the hands of the Lord.
7)  Let the people who would be the children of God, keep His commandments and observe the ordinances of
the Lord.
8)  He turned to me at this juncture and said, “The Lord knows your suffering both inward and out, and has set
His hand upon thee for protection and comfort.”
9)   Take my hand and I will show you a vision. We were lifted immediately upward from my home, from the
earth. As we were lifted I was aware of  thousands of souls moving all around me toward the heavens. We
traveled eastward away from the American nation. We paused briefly as the thousands continued toward
heaven. I asked the Messenger who are these that have passed us toward heaven. The sadness within his
eyes was deeper than I have ever witnessed anywhere. He said these are the souls of the unborn ripped from
their mother’s womb. As he spoke I witnessed an Angel descending unto earth with a large vial in his hands. I
heard audibly a voice saying: behold the wrath of God coming upon the earth.
10)   He took my hand and we moved on eastward away from the American continent. Finally we halted our
travel; it seemed to me we were suspended high above the earth and to my right I could see the continent of
Africa. Ahead of me and below I could see Israel, India, Iraq and Iran. To my left I could see the continent of
Europe, and expanding as far as I could see forward was Russia and China.
11)   To the south and past the vast deserts of northern Africa; I beheld Angels with flaming swords, declaring
we are here to protect this continent’s oil and wine and those who have committed their lives unto the Lord
from the indignation that is coming, as the pale horse brings forth the vengeance of the Lord upon those who
have followed the false prophet.
12)   Looking forward and down I could see the rivers Tigris and Euphrates and it seemed as if there were
millions of paths filled with footprints leading west from them. The Messenger said, behold the path of the
kings of the east. They have begun their journey to Israel and Italy. Throughout their path, was carnage and
horror; you could hear the people’s cries and the stench of their suffering. The streams and rivers were red
with blood.
13)   To the north of these rivers and past the high peaks there were two more armies moving westward and
the noise of battle seemed to envelope and fill every space. The armies seemed to pause briefly at the border
of Poland in a line that extended far to the south as they formed a line from Poland to Romania. The armies did
not seem from just one nation and yet seemed to move as one.
14)    Those that rose to oppose them were also from many nations, and I could see the American flag among
them. The noise of mechanized vehicles could be heard everywhere both day and night, as aircraft darted to
and fro seemingly to taunt each other.
15)  Above all of this and from the heavens above I could see an Angel flying toward earth with a large vial in his
hand, and again I heard a voice from heaven: behold the wrath of God.
16) It seemed to me looking toward the west side of Europe I could see millions of women and children fleeing
in terror with only the clothes on their backs, looking horrified and weeping children could be heard over every
other sound; only the ocean lay before them.
17) Directly below I could see Israel, and on every side the armies had gathered, and in the sea I could see
ships with American flags plowing the sea to provide shelter to Israel. Aircraft circled Israel as if to form an
18) The Messenger said, you see the results of Sin, Greed, the false prophet, and men without mercy. Soon
the armies shall move and when it ends sorrow shall be multiplied upon sorrow, and the strength of the
armies shall be no more. See what men have brought upon themselves, failing to humble themselves before
the Lord. Horror and sorrow shall abound in everyplace I have shown you. The wrath of the Lord shall know no
bounds and men shall beg for the mercy of death, but yet the end is not yet; for following the Great Tribulation,
shall the Lord come with His Armies from heaven and destroy the armies of Satan and the false prophet and
Satan shall be cast into prison for one thousand years.
19) As we turned back facing west I could see the American Continent.
20) The Messenger said unto me, can this nation be spared what you have witnessed below you? Do you feel
that the judgment of God will leave those who have shed innocent blood, who have whored after strange flesh,
and sought to place what the Lord abhors into the ministries and sanctuaries and call them the Lord’s House?
What God hath ordained and blessed to bring forth children has been defiled by man and by this nation. Even
as he spoke these words: I could see the Angel of the Lord poised to    pour out the contents of the vial upon
the American nation.
21) The cries of those below reached unto the heavens and my tears flowed like a river, as my heart felt as if it
would burst. Never had I felt such pain, dreamed or thought of such a sight or sound. I wept bitterly as I cried
unto the Lord for the people of my nation.
22) The Words seemingly in fire rose above the American nation saying: the Justice of the Lord: for He must
have His Zion cleansed, for here He shall set His Temple, Here He shall allow His Word to go forth in Mercy
and Love and it must be pure.
23) The Messenger took my hand and returned me to my home. The pain within my chest was more than I felt I
could bear. He took my hand and said write that which I have shown you, for it shall soon come to pass. Let it
be a warning and an awakening unto the Lord’s Church. The Lord will not delay His Judgment to satisfy the
foolishness of man. He has warned you of this day through His servant Otto Fetting and again through His
Servant Draves, and now he has sealed the page through this vision. He has given unto you a warning unto the
nations. What you have witnessed shall transpire without fail. Those who deny it shall perish in their folly. This
is the day to repent, this is the day to turn from sin and walk in the Law and Truth of the Lord Jesus Christ.
24) The Messenger said during the thousand year reign of Christ upon the earth the servants of the Lord shall
move among the nations and preach unto those whom have not known the Lord or had an opportunity to know
of salvation; that they may have a chance to know the Lord and have salvation. There shall be peace during this
time and Satan shall be bound and have no power upon the earth. During this time there shall be no Satan, no
death, no tears, and no sorrow, and no birth. Millions of innocents have had their lives taken before they had an
opportunity to know the Lord Jesus Christ and He is Just and His Judgment is Just. This coming time of
peace, is the Mercy and Love of the Lord Jesus Christ, unto those who have had no chance to come unto Him.
25) The Messenger then said unto me, the time is short before these events shall transpire. Even now as the
Lord has sent forth His Servants to Europe, Malawi, and Nova Scotia, to carry the warning with the purity and
fullness of His Word; He is preparing His ministry to impart His Word unto His Church in great power and
26) The Lord knows your heart, your preparation, and your desire to be obedient unto His Will and His
commands. He has prepared you to move once again to the nations and will soon commission another
brother to accompany you unto the nations in great need of preparation and training to fulfill the Will and Plans
of the Lord for these nations in these perilous times. He will set this journey in motion at His Direction and in
His time.
27) Remember the captivity of the people of God. Surely thou must remember how the Lord had led them out
from bondage. Even yet this day the Lord has sent His Word through His Messenger, to lead His people in the
way of righteousness and truth; that all may abide in the security and salvation of the Lord Jesus Christ.
28)   I have come unto you at the Lord’s command, in the Lord’s time: to bring forth direction and peace among
those without peace and to those who desire respite from the chaos and confusion which abounds within this
world today. See the fear and panic brought forth by the pandemic that has come upon this world today.
29) I have sent forth my ambassadors unto Nova Scotia and Europe and opened the doors before them. From
out of darkness cometh light and a healing balm unto those in need. I have sent them before the storm that is
coming upon mankind.  I have sent a warning and a gathering, a bidding unto the wedding feast of the Lord.
Will mankind hear it?
30) Remember the things the Lord has said unto thee. Read the messages, study them, and know the will of
the Lord. Seek to save yourselves from the things that are coming to pass. Take no part in the contentions of
the world, allowing your mind to be at peace, that the Spirit of God will dwell within you. Prepare your hearts and
mind to receive the words of the Lord.
31) In the days ahead an Apostle will be added unto the Quorum, as there is a need also: a Bishop to the
Quorums. The Lord has prepared these men and will bless all who seek to labor in unity to accomplish the
Lord’s Will and Work.
32) That which the Lord hath sent unto you from the courts of heaven is as valid today as when it was first
spoken. My Servant Otto Fetting, was obedient unto the trust which the Lord had placed upon him. Read again
the twenty-sixth Message; the direction and instruction given unto the Church that the Lord’s people might
prosper and those called to lead, have guidance how to labor within their ministry.
33) That which the Lord hath planted shall stand and the winds of hell will not prevail against it. The Lord, in the
days to come, will send forth two Apostles unto the vineyard to lead and direct the Work of the Lord in the world.
They will come to prune, to correct, and to direct as the Lord instructs. The Lord’s House is a house of order.
Let all work within the Will and directions of God.  Even as the storm clouds gather throughout the world; the
Lord is preparing these two Apostles to move once again to the nations to awaken and prepare His ministry to
move the work forward in the Lord’s Will and Plan. In the days ahead He shall direct their movements among
the vineyard. Let the Church, her people, and the leadership find joy in obedience to the will and plan of the
34) The Lord is pleased with the work and humility of His servant Apostle Edward Coffey. Let him be
encouraged in knowing the eye of the Lord is upon him.
35) The Unity within the Bishops is pleasing unto the Lord and a blessing unto the Church world wide.
36) Let the quorums counsel together in this work of love and salvation, understanding their great
responsibility unto the flock, the children of God. As you men understand and place first the needs of the flock,
great things will transpire and doors shall open before you that once were closed.
37) Be encouraged and uplifted as you labor for the master. He is mindful of thee. He shall be gracious unto
thee and merciful unto His people. Give this message unto the Apostles, unto the Church, and unto the world. I
shall come again as the Lord commands. I bring peace and love from the Lord unto all that seek the Lord
Jesus Christ. Amen

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