The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
One-hundred Thirtieth Message

On July 30, 2020 at 2:45pm the messenger of the Lord appeared in my home. His light filled my home and His Spirit
brought great peace unto my very soul. I was reviewing the plans for the coming missionary journey of 2021. He spoke
slowly and distinctly as he commanded me to write the Message he had brought from the Lord.
When he had finished delivering the Message; I asked him directly if the Lord was approving of the plans for the coming
missionary journey of 2021.  He said the Lord was guiding and would continue to guide the work that lay ahead. He said
trust in that which the Lord is providing. He said even through the trials that lay ahead; the Lord would strengthen and
overcome and even over rule in all things. Be of courage, trusting in the His Will.

Apostle Norman D. Lyles

1) Behold, I have come from the presence of the Lord! I am sent unto thee in this hour at His command. I am
the messenger of the covenant, the Elijah, I am he who has been sent to purge and purify. I bring the Words of
the Lord unto thee; write them and give them unto His People.

2) Thus saith the Lord, ‘Behold the day is come: I will make my Holy name known in the midst of my people. I
will no longer allow them to pollute my Holy name any more, without punishment. The heathen shall know I am
the Lord Jesus Christ.’

3) Let my people of the Church of Christ with the Elijah Message behold with thy eyes, and hear with thy ears
all that I say unto thee concerning the ordinances of the house of the Lord, and laws thereof. Mark well the
entrance unto the house of the Lord; to the sanctuary of the Lord. Let none partake or function therein who has
not covenanted with the Lord through the waters of baptism. Keep my ministry and my house holy.

4) Behold the day has ceased wherein the Lord would look past those who bring forth strange doctrine and

5) The Lord desires a Holy people. He commands His Word be obeyed among those who would serve Him.
Let come what will and let go what will, but His Word shall rule and over-rule among the congregation and His
house shall become a place of holiness.

6) The world is folding into destruction and the time is ripe to give warning unto the souls least they be lost.
The destruction and plagues have been let to awaken the sleeper, to shake the heathen and part the evil from
the righteous.

7) Now is the time for the ministry to put on the full armor of God and bring forth His Word unto the people with
convicting power. Let all preach and teach the same Word of God and sanctify themselves that the Spirit and
Power of the Lord will be upon them.

8) The Lord will open doors before those who will be moving to the nations throughout the world.  He will set
His angels among them. Let them lead souls unto the door of salvation and the healing balm of baptism.

9) Let the Articles and Faith and Practice be taught in detail to each nation, that all might be firm in the
ordinances and laws of the Lord. Let all understand clearly what the Lord has placed as a guide unto the door
of the sanctuary, through the teaching of the Articles of Faith and Practice.

10) That the quorum of Bishops once again be as the Lord has designed and may function in unity with all
nations properly represented: let Reejay Bello Dacut be ordained as a Bishop. Let the Apostles traveling from
America ordain him while in the Philippines. Let him function with full authority with his fellow Bishops in India,
Africa, and America.

11) As there is great need within the vineyard and among the people; it is wisdom that the quorum of Apostles
be complete and serving the Lord’s people. Therefore Let George William Madembe of Uganda and Disciple
Abraham of India be ordained as an Apostles in those nations.  Let the Apostles traveling from America, ordain
these men as they pass through the nations of India and Uganda.

12) It is the Lord’s Will and plan that these apostles function with full power and authority with their fellow
apostles in the Philippines, Germany, Kenya, and America. Let the Apostles labor in unity, always
remembering they are servants unto the saints of God. Let their strength be in humility, yet speaking the Word
of God with the power of the Holy Spirit.

13) Let the Church pray earnestly that those servants who are called to carry the Word, hasten unto the nations,
as all must be taught and warned. Teach all to heed the words I bring from the Lord.

14) It is wisdom for the handmaidens in the Church worldwide to continue to help in translations and aiding
the church in many functions, even to the need of traveling with missionaries in their efforts; as the Lord will
use them as strong witness unto the women and children during the missionary efforts.

15) The Lord is pleased with the efforts of Herlen Prado and Estrella Aguilar in the Philippines for their work to
aid the membership in their understanding and needs. Likewise the Work of Gillian Shivario in Kenya is held in
high regard, as she has sacrificed and aided the missionary efforts on the African continent. The Lord holds
these and others of the handmaidens in deep respect and honor. It was the handmaidens of the Lord who first
came to the empty tomb and believed; while yet the apostles doubted.

16) The powers of darkness must come to an end.

17) Let the book the Word of the Lord be printed in the German language and when there is a need let it be
printed in the Spanish language and in the Russian Language.

18) Let Oleg Titov know the Lord is with him and let him plan to spend more time with Apostle Robert Beck to
spread the Word of the Lord among the people in his area.

19) Let Michael Hill know the Lord has witnessed his humility, and desires he take up his calling as an
evangelist and feed the flock with the Word of God.

20) I have come and will yet come, until the war between Satan and Christ is finished and the temple is built,
and bridegroom claims those that are chosen and faithful.

21) Let none add to the Word of God, neither shall ye diminish ought from it, that ye may keep the
commandments and laws of the Lord. Hold fast unto the Doctrine of Jesus Christ taught in the Bible, the
Record of Nephites and the Word of the Lord.

22) Submit yourselves before the Lord, and He will uphold you on the day of judgment. Rejoice always for thy
salvation; giving honor and glory unto God.

23) I leave peace with you. I am John the Baptist resurrected and I shall come again until the work is finished.
There are many more who will be called to labor in the field of the Lord and by His Spirit He shall draw them
into the light and the truth. Give this Message to the Apostles and the Church and publish it in the book, the
Word of the Lord. I shall come again at his direction to bring guidance and His Love. Amen.

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