The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
One-hundred Thirty First Message

The Messenger of the Lord appeared unto me on December 28th 2020 at 1:45 pm and was with me for over an hour. He
said unto me behold, arise and write the message from the throne of God that I shall give unto you. He obtained a tablet
from my sofa and I pulled a pen from my pocket. The following is the Message.
When the Messenger had finished, for the first time he took the tablet from hand and read what I had written as he spoke.
He read carefully through it, then handed it back to me. He smiled and stepped forward and placed his hands upon my
head: in an instant I felt as if I were in a bright hallway, and not in my body, I could hear what I believe were angels singing
praises unto God. I do not know how long all of this took, but it seemed as if I were moving in an exceeding bright hallway;
then all at once there was a stream among trees surrounded by a desert. I wanted to reach out and touch the water, which
was crystal clear and beautiful; but then he stepped back from me.
He said you shall see this scene again, be at peace. He turned and was gone. My body felt great peace and extremely
weak. I prayed for a time, then sat in stillness reading the Message.

Apostle Norman D. Lyles

1)  Behold! Arise and rejoice! I have come from the presence of the Lord! I bring unto thee and all mankind, a
Message from the Lord for His People in this time of trouble and suffering.
2) I come at the direction of the Lord, I am the Elijah, sent at His appointing and His anointing. Many have
looked for my coming. I prepared the way before Christ at his first coming and I am preparing the way for His
arrival as King and savior of the world. I am sent to prepare His people for the wedding and the judgment.
3) Great is the need within the Vineyard throughout the world, and the prayers of His people have cried out unto
the heavens for His Mercy and His restoring unto His own.
4) Mankind has sought for answers to the promised horrors of the fourth seal and the Pale Horse. They have
sought the answers in the science of man and the mind of men, yet few there are who have turned unto God.
5) The Lord has said to rejoice in these trials, as His coming is near. The Lord hath spared the oil and the
wine; wherein mankind may seek the Lord and find salvation and the path unto salvation.
6) Servants of the Lord, go unto those who are burdened in Spirit and encourage the downcast; giving unto
them the words of Life from the Lord in His Word. The answers are before you. This is not a time of fear, rather
a time to rejoice and a time to put on the brighter garments and prepare your hearts and souls for the coming
of the Lord.
7) The doctrine of the Lord shall drop as rain, as showers of rain upon the earth, bringing peace and hope to
mankind. The Lord thy God shall go before thee, as you move among the nations and to those whom He will
anoint; His Power will prevail. Some He sends, shall He bring home, yet not until their mission is finished. He
will overshadow those whom He shall send among the nations for it is His Will and Plan. He knows what is
ahead for those He has sent; with His loving hands He will bless and set His Spirit among them and hold
them in the hollow of His Hands.
8) You shall witness the fulfilling of the vision I have given unto your Brother Otto Fetting concerning the United
States. For the time has come that the cleansing of America must come to pass.
9) Many shall weep and howl, suffering great financial loss, and many shall suffer, yet in the cleansing the Lord
will move His Hand among those who have covenanted with Him and clothe them with a mantle of safety and
peace. He will keep the feet of His saints.
10) Even as the Lord spoke to you in the eleventh verse of Message 125; He speaks even stronger and more
severe: “Turn ye from your evil ways, and keep my commandments and my statutes, according to all the law
which I commanded unto your fathers through the prophets of old.”
11) The Lord is pleased with the faithful in all of the nations. You have endured much and your faces shall
shine with the righteousness of His Spirit, His Word, and His Love.
12) The laborers of the Lord shall soon depart this nation’s shore and I have prepared the way before them.
Let them go forth in boldness, professing all that I have given unto them. Let them fear in nothing. I have set
before them a path to walk. I have prepared the hearts and ears of those whom they shall move among. I shall
be with them and hold them close.
13) See those in America who doubt and deny my coming. The door will soon close and their knock will no
longer be heard. Let them repent while yet there is time.
14) For those who stand at the water and wait; the time is now, go forth and be as one with the Lord and the
saints of God.
15) Who among you can understand the power of God? He has divided the sea with His Power and His
understanding hath silenced the proud. The Lord hath prepared his throne in the heavens; and His Kingdom
rules over all. Who among you can say greater?
16) The Lord has sent me in your hour of temptation and doubt. The Lord knoweth the reasons of the season,
and each season has a reason. It is Satan who would have you to fear. Lift up your hands and rejoice for the
Lord is near.
17) Rejoice ye people of the earth, for the Lord will show unto you His power. The sorrow you witness now
shall pale when you see the coming of the Lord in all His glory. Be filled with hope, with joy, and with peace; for
the Lord thy God will not forsake you, nor shall He allow you to be without His Spirit and the wine of His
18) Some He has preserved for this hour. The Lord knoweth the pain of those who have suffered loss. He
knoweth those with bodies, which have suffered greatly. They have not suffered without purpose, for the Lord
shall magnify His power and mercy among them and grant unto them strength. They shall learn patience and
trust in their stripes. Let all rejoice this day for it is a day the Lord hath made for each of you.
19) The Lord has sent me with His Word, let your hearts be full and your Spirits rejoice for the Love of the Lord
is upon you. I will come again at the direction and command of the Lord. Give this Message to the brothers, to
the Church, and unto the world. I leave you in peace. Amen.

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