The Church of Christ with The Elijah Message
                     Just What We Have to Offer

                                    Apostle W. A. DRAVES

I believe that we have something which no other part of the RESTORATION has or can have unless they are
baptized into THE CHURCH OF CHRIST. This baptism must be performed by a member of the proper
priesthood since the 12th Message was given by John the Baptist on July  18th, 1929. This Authority of the
Priesthood was re-confirmed at this time when the angel laid his hands upon the head of Otto Fetting. He had
laid them upon the head of Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery, May 15th,  1829, thus restoring the authority of
the Holy Priesthood which had been absent from among men for 1260 years. When the AUTHORITY was
restored thru Joseph Smith it was to be for all time. Daniel 2:44, says the kingdom set up then should never be
destroyed nor left to other people. Message 5:1 says the same thing. “In 1899 the servant of the Lord laid his
hands on you (Otto Fetting) and set you apart from among men to represent Christ, and gave  you  
AUTHORITY  to  preach  the  gospel  and  bring  others  into  His Kingdom.” That was his ordination in the
Reorganization as a Priest, and the angel assured him that it was still with him and would remain unless he
denied the Lord his God. Message 5:2 says: “Again in 1926, you with your brethren were set apart as
members  of  the  Twelve,  to  represent  Christ  and  His  Church,  with  the  same AUTHORITY as the apostles
of old. Many are representing Christ but not Christ and His Church, but you men have been chosen to
represent Christ and His Church as He established it when He was here.” This was on the Temple Lot.
Message 12:8 says: “Remember, the Priesthood (which is AUTHORITY TO ACT FOR GOD) was not and will
not be taken from the earth since I conferred it on Joseph Smith.”

How then did the angel lay his hands on Otto Fetting AS he laid them on Joseph Smith? It was not  to confer
AUTHORITY for he had had that in two movements or factions of the Restoration. The question arises, “Is
AUTHORITY all that belongs to priesthood?” I obeyed the gospel of Jesus Christ by receiving an
AUTHORITATIVE baptism in 1922 in the “Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.” I was in
that movement for four years. I still longed for an expression of that spirit and power of the Holy Ghost that was
enjoyed by the New Testament Church and the Church in the early days of the Restoration. I learned of the
Utah faction, “The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints,” and felt that it might be closer to the angel
whose hands were laid on the head of Joseph Smith, so I joined with them. What lacked I yet? The greater
power. I had been in the Kingdom since 1922. This Blessing had been promised to us by all factions of the
Restoration. The people in these movements  also  believed in the building of “THE TEMPLE OF THE LORD”.
They knew they had Authority; they also  knew they lacked the Power that had characterized the Church in the
early days. I was not long in the Restoration when that question was asked me and I could not answer it:
“WHY” do we not have the power that was enjoyed by the New Testament Church and the Church in the early
days of the Restoration? I was never  able to answer that question until the 12th Message came and explained
it. In 1930, in obedience to the commandment  of  the  Lord,  as  given  by  the  Angel,  John  the  Baptist  in  that
Message, I was baptized (born) into The Church Of Christ.

After the beginning of the 20th century many people began to feel that the farther the Church got from the hands
of the angel that were laid on Joseph Smith, the weaker became the current of spiritual power. What then had
the Church lost or lacked between the laying on of the hands of the angel in 1829 and the laying on of the
same hands in 1929? Not Authority, for the angel declared that both the Reorganization and the Temple Lot
had that. (Msg.5:1-2) But “the greater power of the Priesthood has been withheld because of the transgression
of them  who have been entrusted therewith.” (M-12:8.) How were we to obtain it? For years many sought it in
the  Restoration factions with which they were affiliated, but no door opened to receive it. During those long
years of pleading and seeking God promised many times in gifts of the gospel that He would yet send this
greater power and urged His people to continue to seek for it. There was no part of the Restoration Movement,
which as a whole had come under condemnation in 1832, that fitted itself to receive it. They had fitted them
selves for rejection by getting farther from Him instead of drawing closer. There was but one thing for the Lord
to do—reject them all and establish His Church anew. Priesthood Authority did not need to be restored: but
priesthood power and light was lacking. Therefore, the angel said. “I lay my hands on you, that greater power
and greater light might come to you, and to set you apart to do the work entrusted to your care and in your day.”

The priesthood and authority were already given to Oliver Cowdery and Joseph Smith under the hands of the
angel. We quote from Oliver Cowdery: “But dear brother, think, farther think for a moment, what joy filled our
hearts and with what surprise we must have bowed, (for who would not have bowed the knee for such a
blessing?) when we received under his hand the Holy Priesthood, as he said, “Upon you my fellow servants, in
the name of Messiah, I confer this priesthood and this authority, which shall remain upon earth, that the sons
of Levi may yet offer an offering unto the Lord in righteousness!” Oliver Cowdery, May 15, 1829. Was a similar
blessing placed on the head of Otto Fetting? The church, in all its parts, was lacking “the greater power of the
priesthood.” A new start had to be made somewhere if it were ever to be restored to earth. Authority alone was
not enough, the priesthood needed the greater power in order to do its work. The door was thrown open for the
receiving of this greater power when the angel placed his hands on Otto Fetting as related in the 12th
Message. This was for the purifying of the sons of Levi, or  priesthood, spoken of in Malachi 3:3. The
priesthood was restored in 1829 and purification began in 1929.

How were the rest of us to get in touch with that greater power? We all lacked it; we all needed it. Some of us
had looked forward and sought it for years. Were we to be disappointed? Was there only one man on earth
found worthy to have the heavenly gift bestowed upon him? Ah, no. God remembered us as well as Otto
Fetting, He provided a way for us to receive this power. The way is baptism and the laying on of hands by those
holding authority of the Holy Priesthood after the power was conferred to them by the hand of the angel. Both
Joseph Smith and Otto Fetting were thereby made mediums of blessing between God and the people. There
is no difference only in the blessing conferred. Hence John spoke truly when he said; “As I laid my hands on
Joseph Smith so now I lay my hands on you.” In the fourth paragraph of Message 12, He said He has rejected
all creeds and factions of men who  have gone away from the word of the Lord and have become an
abomination in His sight.

This could refer to none but the Restoration factions, for the rest never had the fullness of the gospel, hence
could not go away from  it.  “Therefore,  let  those  that  come  to  THE  CHURCH  OF  CHRIST  be baptized, that
they may rid themselves of the traditions and sins of men; preparing themselves, that they may be fit and
worthy for the Spirit and power of the Holy Ghost, and as the greater  power shall come that they may be ready
to receive it with joy.” The Lord said in Message 24:12, “I am again establishing My church in its fullness, with
twelve apostles and authority as in the days of old. And Mine elders shall preach the gospel and teach the
people as in former days. I will bless those that shall take the message I have sent and warn the people, and I
will again manifest My power in healing, and My spirit shall comfort their hearts.” These are words delivered by
John the Baptist.

Message 25:4, “THE CHURCH OF CHRIST shall receive greater power as I told you, and the Lord will draw the
honest in heart to Him by His Spirit, and they shall keep His law, for the gospel of Christ shall be preached to
all nations and then shall the end come.”

Message 48.11, “Behold I have sent My Spirit among you and opened the gate, even designing your
deliverance and a way of preparation. To the humble, the upright and just, My faithful, I shall give unto thee the
greater light and power to carry on, for by My Spirit I shall use you to My name's honor and glory. I shall deliver
My people Israel from whence the Evil One has bound them, and those that stretch forth their hands toward My
holy place of peace shall find deliverance. For in Mount Zion and Jerusalem  there shall be deliverance. I will
give compassion and hear your supplications. Oh ye My people, Mine  inheritance, hear ye My words.” 48:12, “'I
have chosen ye My servants this day and My eyes shall be open toward you and I will hear your prayers before
My children. I will hearken in all that you call for unto Me. I will make known to all the earth that I am God, and
there is none else, saith your Lord.”'
Message 49:1, “Behold, again I come to give instructions to the Church. I speak the will of the Lord. It is life to
those that obey it. Write the message as I shall give it. The decrees of God are unalterable—let no man change
them. Let no one speak lightly of the words I bring. I am the Messenger of the Lord and I speak His will.” 49:3,
“Behold, saith the Lord, the field is white already and the harvest is ripe.

4, “My Church shall be more firmly ESTABLISHED and My gifts and blessings shall be among them that
believe, saith your Lord, for it is I, even the Christ that speaketh. Yea, My mission shall be fully accomplished
and the Father see it well done.
8, “. . . Many are coming to do the Lord's will. Let all be up and doing for their responsibility is to represent
Christ and His Church. Those that would be His Bride must come in by the door and be baptized. Let the
hands be laid on all that the Lord will confirm their work by the Holy Ghost.”
9, “There are many that have long represented Christ. Those that will hear His voice in very deed will come into
THE CHURCH OF CHRIST that is again being ESTABLISHED with all its gifts and blessings, and represent
Christ and His Church.”
11, “Come, ye that seek truth, Christ will come to His own and His Church.”